Remained at the landing: talk about the trouble that will bring an ordinary door

Most people faced with the problems that arise when closing or opening the door lock. Every day people somewhere to go, then come back and proper operation of the door lock taken for granted and taken for granted. When at this stage the usual mode of the day there comes the problem, it becomes an unexpected and very unpleasant surprise.

Someone necessarily be familiar with the feeling of disappointment, when all plans are crumbling because of such seemingly little things like the inability to open or close the door. People can’t get to work or, on the contrary, the house be locked up themselves, or worse, locked up may have a small child. All these problems can be caused by poor quality or old locks and keys and the distraction of the owner of the castle. Maybe you lost the key, or can be broken by the rules of operation of the lock which leads to its breakage or key.

Most common types of locks and the probability of their collapse or failure

the Most common types of door locks:

lever, bolt, cylinder.

Also, in addition to these locks are gaining popularity elektronnye smart locks.

Lever locks

Lever locks are devices, the main element of which levers. Levers several cylinders, which lock the door when you turns the key in the keyhole. Opening or closing mechanism comes from the coincidence of the special plates inside. The keys are quite large, flat working part, both sides are the teeth. These keys have a large enough size, they are difficult to lose or to miss. The lock is not shut, but if the material from which the keys are made not quality, often broken.

Transom locks

Device latch lock is very simple. Discovery occurs when pressing on the two levers. Outside dbelieve opens with a long straight flat key, on the working part of which has grooves on both sides. These locks are often jammed, and they can slam. The highest number of slam is observed in the presence of this door lock design. Moreover, the American company Locksmithslocator for home security advises not to use this kind of locks as they are the easiest to crack even the most inexperienced thief.

Cylindrical locks

the Cylindrical locks are the most popular. The shape of the larvae resembles a cylinder, hence the name. The keys are small, on the working part caused the unique pattern of furrows, dents. These dents that modern models are applied with the laser, form a unique code. The door closes or opens when you turn the key in the hole. Keys due to small size can often get lost If the metal from which they are made is not durable can easily break when applying excessive force or by jamming the lock.

Smart Loki

Smart-locks in addition to the physical key have a code — a set of numbers that will allow you to unlock the door. The problem with this kind of lock occur in situations where the owner or forgot the code or lost the physical key. Expensive models are made of durable materials, their design allows you to avoid the harmful for the device manipulation that could cause damage to the key or lock. The inability to come or go only occurs in the case of loss of the key person.

Based on the above, to avoid a sudden slam of a door, broken lock or key only buying modern high quality model a locking device. The greatest danger of collapse are transom locks. Hinged models legcy removed than the mortise.

plays a Big role the human factor. If people will not read the manual, to violate operating rules, will break any device, although more expensive and quality will function for longer.

What to do if the door shut?

What to do if the situation with the slamming of doors, loss of, breakage of the key is still occurred and had no reason to read the instructions to the castle, or about how to pick a lock.

we Need to consider two situations:

the first Situation, the man slammed inside. In this case, you can try to ask friends or neighbors to open the door from the outside, handing them the keys through the window, for example. If the lock is not opened, it must be removed. In the case of transom, cylindrical and lever locks, it will not be easy for those people that have the drill and the skills of handling it and with locks. If no drills, no skills, no way to understand no, you should contact a specialized service that deals with the dissection and dismantling of the door. the second Situation, the person slammed the door on the outside, and he has no key, or it broke. In case of breakage of the key, you can try to remove the chip from the lock and open the door with a spare key. If key is not present in the house no one could make a spare key, the lock must be removed. Depending on the lock design it is necessary sometimes to disassemble the door.

Today’s technology allows, without damage to the lock. Everything happens quickly, with minimal damage to locks and doors.

Particularly dangerous situation

we should also mention the particularly dangerous situations, for example when the person went out for a few seconds outside the apartment, the door slammed shut, and the apartment was left small children or enabled appliances, gas stove.

to Leave a room in which there were children or enabled appliances should not be at all. Children better to take with you, and the devices off.

If the situation happens to be, it is better not to waste time, and immediately contact a specialized company or call the MOE. If there are people who can hack the door right away, better to crack, not thinking about the integrity of the latter and of the castle.

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