According to official information, the situation in the forest fire area in the Elbe-Elster district of Brandenburg has eased. On Saturday, the firefighters were still fighting individual embers on an area of ​​500 hectares that had to be extinguished, according to the administrative staff of the district.

The forest fire in the south, not far from the Saxon border, broke out on Monday and quickly spread to around 800 hectares. The rain for Lusatia announced by the German Weather Service, which the emergency services had hoped for, did not materialize in this region.

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250 firefighters extinguished the fire from the ground. They received help from the Bundeswehr, which also has a transport helicopter on standby until Sunday. He can put out fires that are reviving from the air. On Saturday afternoon it was said that he was no longer required. According to the information, two armored engineers are on site, which helped to cut aisles and build paths to get to the burned area. According to further information, a police reconnaissance helicopter is also ready with its four water cannons.

The work of the firefighters is still exhausting. “Driving from fire to fire is a mammoth task, the herd is becoming smaller and smaller,” said the state’s deputy forest fire protection officer, Philipp Haase, of the German Press Agency.

Meanwhile, the civil protection organization @fire, which burned down vegetation on federal highway 183, has ended its mission. She took care of dead wood, for example, to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas. The federal road remains closed between Beilrode and Marxdorf so that emergency vehicles can enter the fire area unhindered.

According to the district, the Kiebitzsee in the local recreation area of ​​the city of Falkenberg has now been released to bathers again. In the past few days, Bundeswehr fire-fighting helicopters had taken water to extinguish the fire. The lake was closed for safety reasons.

The emergency services on site had hoped for rain for Lusatia announced by the German Weather Service on Saturday. However, there was no precipitation until the early afternoon.

The so-called major damage situation continues, as the district announced on Saturday afternoon. This makes it possible to ask emergency services from other areas for support because your own forces cannot cope with the situation on your own. More fire protection units were requested.

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Although the situation is stable at the moment, the weather forecast for the beginning of the week gives cause for concern, it said. There is a lack of precipitation at high temperatures.

60 different forest owners were affected by the major fire in the Elbe-Elster district, reported forest fire protection expert Haase. After extinguishing the fire areas, the task of the head forester is to inform all owners and hand over the respective areas. A forest owners’ meeting is planned. “But we’re not that far yet.” (dpa)