History 31/01/20 “Red terror” on the don: what the Cossacks killed a Chinese punitive

during the Civil war in Russia (1917-1922), the Bolsheviks headed by V. I. Lenin denounced whites for their cooperation with foreigners (invaders). In red propaganda white certainly acted as puppets of Britain, France, Japan and to a lesser extent the United States. However, the Bolsheviks not only collaborated with foreigners (for example, Latvians and Finns), but also used them in battles (that whites do relatively rarely) and in the practice of the red terror.

the Participation of foreigners in terror against the Russian was so ugly that the Bolsheviks tried in these facts silenced. Especially shameful history were the actions of the Chinese on the red side. The Chinese were in the Russian Empire in large numbers before and during the First world war. Only workers from China to build railroads, factories and as the diggers of the trenches on the front imported more than 350 thousand people. In 1917 a considerable part left, but many Chinese remained in Russia. In order to survive, they went into the service of the Bolsheviks. Dozens of Chinese military even served as guards of Lenin.

Future Soviet commander (and then one of the leaders of the Bessarabian and Odessa governorate revolutionary Committee of the party Committee) Iona Yakir was the first to form military units of the Chinese migrant workers the lowest level. Yakir himself was a man of dubious moral qualities in time of war, of call declined, and after the February revolution of 1917 quickly rushed into power. As he later said, for the Chinese the most important thing was the pay and feeding. If they paid the white men, they would go to kill red — what’s the difference with whom to fight in a foreign country, if only the commanders of the money was not detained. They or the Russian language did not know, nor had any idea about the ideologies protivopoto the appropriate parties. But Yakir was pleased with them, recalled that “many good things” he has with the Chinese “in a long suffering way across the Ukraine, the entire don.” Chinese was formed and Cony red — special forces.

What “good” did the Chinese on the southern front of the Civil war? One of the missions they were doing, was a terror. According to the diary of a modern woman Hodinou, in Vladikavkaz, the Chinese went home, took away all the associated with white and just former officers, and then shot. Shot with shot rings, cigarette cases, watches and other things. Better than Russian, and they performed the role of executioners and did any atrocities, almost never thinking. When Russian soldiers refused to shoot the prisoners, for that invited the Chinese comrades. They performed and punitive objectives. In March 1919 the Chinese divisions surrounded the anti-Bolshevik rally in Astrakhan factory workers and shot (killed dozens). Then, in order to intimidate began to catch the runaway, and enough innocent men were shot and drowned them in the river.

But the most terrible massacres staged by the Chinese under the supervision of Yakir-on-don. Complied with the Directive of Sverdlov: “to carry out mass terror against wealthy Cossacks. Consume them at the polls. To exterminate all Cossacks who took an indirect part in the struggle against Soviet power”. Yakir followed the order and told me to shoot on the spot all the Cossacks had guns, to destroy the rebels and even innocent (this is called “percentage destruction of the male population,” that is, something like decimation). Was killed or injured thousands of people (exactly how many, will not know never). What “contributions” made to this devastation, the Chinese Yakir, hard to say, but we are talking about many thousands of victims: stabbed, shot, hanged and beaten to death. Wrote an eyewitness of the terror, the Communist M. Nesterov, the don red Commissars shot even the old men and women, Uryadovnicknames of the officers. A population robbed themselves red soldiers were always drunk, abused people, mass rape of women. Don land, the Cossacks never recovered from the war and the red terror and lost its Cossack cultural diversity.

After the war Yakir was considered a hero and became a prominent party figure. Did a good career until then, until he was repressed by Stalin. Prominent Chinese commanders was also subjected to repression. More than 100 thousand ordinary Chinese remained in Russia, many settled in the 1920s in Moscow and formed a “Chinatown” more or less “resolved” and scattered around the country and the world in the thirties.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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