14/02/20 story “Red from head to toe”: from what soldiers in the USSR was a form of

In the Civil war – the most difficult to only just “born” land of the Soviets the time, was to create a special train of the revolutionary military Council. Real armored fortress on the rails and the personal headquarters of the “father” of the red Army of Trotsky. The higher ranks of the army is always in need of protection, and in the period when the whole country was torn by civil war, especially. Even in the rear there were frequent skirmishes with the cavalry troops, anarchists or bandits. This alarm company was and Landau, which described in detail in the book deucher I. “Trotsky. Armed prophet.”

Incredible style and supply on the highest category

the security Staff was formed from the fighters who was on the ball not only combat training but that was the most loyal and ideologically steadfast. The train of the revolutionary military Council was included Rota, which consisted of 232 soldiers and officers. Almost all of them were Latvians and Estonians.

it was a hard Time, production of forms has not yet been established everywhere, so the original state of protection issued stored in the warehouses hussar uniforms. It was Caccini – special red pants with Golden stripes and embroidery from the Royal regiment of Irkutsk. Instead of jackets or overcoats was blue, embroidered with silver front Dolman. They were found in Grodno, at the local warehouses hussar part.

Leon Trotsky was personally involved in creating the image, and decided to create a concentrated and hyperbolized image of the “red Army”. He left the red pants and blue Dolman was replaced by a specially made and painted red leather jacket. The memories he had left in his book “Train // My life. Experience resume.” Was also minted special enameled emblem, certifying the affiliation of the combatant to the train of the revolutionary military Council. Crowned picture red budennovka.

show upYas at the station or by providing guards of Trotsky in numerous speeches, dressed in red, tall and silent soldiers commanded respect and admiration.

Saving the headquarters and Trotsky

the Security company had to participate in numerous skirmishes and battles. The appearance of such a train on the front line provoking the white army in action and attempts to destroy virtually all of the red command.

the Most critical situation in Sviyazhsk. Kappel’s troops dealt a severe blow, the barriers of the red army ran. The whole company took a tough fight on the station and the surrounding area. Managed to stop the broken part until the morning, and then with a fresh piece guard unit went on the attack and regained the position.

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