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First Chechen campaign – perhaps one of the most controversial events in modern Russian history. According to some, the fighting was really necessary for the restoration of constitutional order in the Chechen Republic. Others believe that this war was a senseless slaughter that destroyed the lives of many people.

However, how could anyone not react to that conflict, to deny the fact that it was a place of heroism of Russian soldiers, sometimes bordering on madness, does not.

So, without exaggeration, a legend of the military action was a 166-I separate motorized rifle brigade and its single reconnaissance company. About serving the soldiers and their commanders to this day tell stories, full of courage and sometimes fiction.

for Example, memoirs and historical articles lot said about Alexis Eventive – the last commander of the reconnaissance 166 omsbr. They say his call sign “Gyurza” – was known throughout the country and the militants preferred to avoid fighting, in which he participated and the soldiers of his division. It became the prototype of the hero in the movie “Purgatory”, although short lean boy was nothing like the healthy, clad in Kevlar armor heroes off the screen.

Eventlevel also, according to the memoirs, stuck another nickname – “Alex-Golden hoof”. All because the officer possessed some animal instinct that helped him focus on the field of battle and withdraw their even from the midst of the most intense battles without loss.

Perhaps it is because Efendieva, under whose leadership the soldiers are not afraid of any task and successfully engage in a fight, even with superior numbers of the enemy, his reconnaissance Chechen bandits was called “rabid”. One of them will become black bandage, which the soldiers of childbirth is worn on the head. However, such glory unit could be earned and before it in 1996 headed “Gyurza”.

166 brigade took part in the First Chechen from 2 January 1995 to 5 October 1996. The division was immediately thrown into battle and almost immediately began to work miracles.

One of them occurred on the commanding heights in the New Fields on the southern outskirts of Grozny. By February 1995, they remained the only stronghold of the militants who prevented completely surround the capital of the Chechen Republic. And all thanks to well-structured Dudayev’s defence system, which was considered impregnable.

Storm them was entrusted to captain Igor Batalov, subordinated to which at the time was reconnaissance 166 omsbr. For that soldiers, who had no experience of operations in mountainous terrain, in two days had to learn the tactics of battle on top.

In the night from 21 to 22 February, taking advantage of poor visibility due to bad weather, the group headed Batalov managed to pass the strong points and focus on top. The militants did not at first realize that they tricked quite a small group of soldiers: they retreated, in the mistaken belief that they were attacked with considerable force.

Only realizing his mistake, the bandits launched a massive bombardment of the height and then attempted assault. However, all was lost: Batalov and his guys for two days defended the point for which they were destroyed 230 militants. In the reconnaissance was only two wounded.

So the height was taken, Grozny surrounded, Igor Batalov and intelligence chief Ilya Kasyanov awarded the title of hero of Russia.

Not without 166 omsbr and the battle for the cement factory in Chiri-Utah. After the capture of the capital of the Chechen Republic to the Russian military were tasked to establish control over the mountains. And the company, covered on one side by the river, with other minefields were used by militants to defense of the Argun gorge – odtion of the largest in the North Caucasus.

Cement plant in March and April unsuccessfully attacked the 324-th and 245 th infantry regiments. Third, the may storm, with the participation of the 166th brigade, was successful. And again the success was achieved thanks to a detour maneuver: while Russian tanks actively portrayed preparations for the attack from the East, a small militant group attacked from the other side. In the end, the factory, more like before the fortress was taken just four hours.

in this operation it was a place of feats. So, in the battle for the enterprise killed soldier Valery Ivanov, who served in the artillery division 166-th omsbr. The cost of his life he has withdrawn from the firing position lined self-propelled installation, and saved their comrades. For this act he was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

a Rapid breakthrough remain “chip” reconnaissance of the 166th brigade and “the Viper”. She especially helped in the battle of Bamut and when you release the coordinating center in Grozny.

Bamut until may 1996 was the only armed groups controlled area of Chechnya. Since April the Russian forces with variable frequency and efficiency, attacked the city, but each time was forced to retreat. It lasted as long as the commander of group of troops of the Russian defense Ministry in Chechnya, Vladimir Shamanov decided to take the same tactic as in the battle for the cement factory in Chiri-Utah.

the Bulk of the troops distracted the attention of the militants, while reconnaissance “Viper” walked them back. The heaviest fighting occurred on the outskirts of the Bamut on the slope of the gorge “raging” was able to “stack” 12 militants, then the rest fled, and Bamut was taken relatively easily.

And after another two months, “Gyurza” and rescued hostages from the coordination centre in Grozny. Not only senior officials, and of journalists, children and mothers. Again, the squad caught the insurgents by surprise from the rear.

Later in the last operation Efendiev will nominated for the title Hero of Russia, but the award will not receive. But instead, his call sign was gratefully remembered by many today, and the frenzy of his reconnaissance became beautiful and instructive legend.

Ivan Resepi

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