The real estate company Vonovia reacts with a residential warranty for older tenants to the growing criticism of the industry by some tenant organizations, according to which, in particular, many pensioners could afford the rising Rent for their homes. “We give tenants 70 the guarantee that you will not have to leave their homes”, said now CEO of Rolf’s book prior to the General meeting of the group this Thursday in Bochum. Vonovia to secure them, “that their apartment remains in change of the local comparative rent is affordable”.

How the competitive companies, Deutsche Wohnen also Vonovia wants to invest more in the modernisation of their homes – without increasing the rent unreasonably, as head of the group, the book announced now. According to him, there are going to be after renovations no Mietaufschläge of more than two euros per square meter. The average of rent increases after modernisation amounted to the largest real estate group in Germany in the last year, of 1.50 euros per square meter of said paper and drew the comparison with the capital. In Berlin, the General average of modernisation was related premiums between 2012 and 2017, at 2.44 euros.

the book also rejected the criticism of the height and the determination of the operating costs for the Vonovia apartments. Tenants had always spoken of that are too high or not measurable requirements. Vonovia-chief of book looks for abr no basis for it. “Our share of the cost of the operation is not increased,” he said. It’s not voice, “that Vonovia to earn the in addition to cost a lot of money”.

However, the book acknowledged that thousands of accounts in the past year were in error. Approximately 6,000 had been refunded due to such error, or for other reasons of money. “We want to be better, but you have to put it in relation to our approximately 400,000 homes.”

The General meeting may see the book at a more relaxed pace upon against. Be the group generated in the first quarter of the year significantly more profit. This owes Vonovia to acquisitions abroad, the group is benefiting from lower costs in the management of the apartments – and also from rising Rents. The book promised that his company will participate in the search for a solution for the tense Situation on the housing market. Demands for expropriation of housing companies he had rejected.