ARCHIV - 20.12.2021, Berlin: Patricia Schlesinger, Journalistin, bei einem dpa-Interview. Nach ihrem Rücktritt von der ARD- und RBB-Spitze gibt es für Patricia Schlesinger auch Konsequenzen im Aufsichtsrat bei der ARD-Filmtochter Degeto. (zu dpa "RBB-Affäre: Schlesinger von Degeto-Aufsichtsrat abberufen") Foto: Britta Pedersen/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After the dismissal of RBB director Patricia Schlesinger by the station’s broadcasting council, the deputy chairman of the committee, Dieter Pienkny, accused the former director of a lack of guilt.

“I had the feeling that Ms. Schlesinger was in a parallel universe,” Pienkny said on Tuesday on RBB Inforadio about the ex-director’s appearance at the previous day’s broadcasting council meeting.

She has listed all the successes of the past few years under her leadership. However, she did not comment on the allegations made against her, for example with regard to her own salary increase in view of a rigid austerity program at the station.

On Monday evening, the RBB Broadcasting Council dismissed RBB director Schlesinger, who had previously resigned, with immediate effect. In a secret ballot, 22 of the 23 members of the committee present voted in favor of this step.

Broadcasting Council Chairwoman Friederike von Kirchbach emphasized on Monday evening that the reasons for Schlesinger’s dismissal would also justify immediate termination. However, only the RBB board of directors can pronounce this.

A press release states that the Broadcasting Council is encouraging the board of directors “in its determination to end the contract” with Schlesinger.

The Broadcasting Council, which is made up of representatives from various social trends, associations and politics, wants to meet again in “about two weeks”.