ARCHIV - 20.12.2021, Berlin: Patricia Schlesinger, Journalistin, bei einem dpa-Interview. Nach ihrem Rücktritt von der ARD- und RBB-Spitze gibt es für Patricia Schlesinger auch Konsequenzen im Aufsichtsrat bei der ARD-Filmtochter Degeto. (zu dpa "RBB-Affäre: Schlesinger von Degeto-Aufsichtsrat abberufen") Foto: Britta Pedersen/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

An important week is coming up in the affair surrounding the resigned ARD and RBB boss Patricia Schlesinger. In view of the still unresolved allegations against the 61-year-old, the broadcasting council of the public broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg will meet on Monday in Berlin (4 p.m.) to discuss the termination of the contract. The body is able to recall an artistic director by state treaty.

The question is whether there will be a termination without notice, as state politicians and the German Association of Journalists are demanding – and what about a possible severance payment. Erik Stohn, member of the Broadcasting Council and Brandenburg SPD state politician, told the German Press Agency that he had clear expectations that the committee would take steps to immediately separate Schlesinger without severance pay.

After a possible dismissal by the Broadcasting Council on Monday – the “Bild” first reported in advance on a corresponding draft resolution for the meeting – the administrative board would then take action in a next step and complete the termination of the service contract. The specific modalities and issues such as severance pay or pension entitlements are also dealt with there. A time horizon for the possible second step of the board of directors is not known.

On Tuesday (10:00 a.m.), the managing director of the broadcaster Hagen Brandstätter (administrative director), who stepped in for Schlesinger, will answer questions from the Brandenburg state parliament about the Schlesinger cause. It’s week two since her resignation as RBB director. In July, Schlesinger and committee representatives declined an invitation from the state parliament, which caused outrage. Brandenburg currently has the legal supervision of the RBB. [If you want to have all the latest news live on your mobile phone, we recommend our app, which you can download here for Apple and Android devices.]

Schlesinger faces numerous allegations of nepotism. She denied the allegations. The Attorney General is investigating, and there is also an external investigation by a law firm. Results are not yet available.

In addition to the 61-year-old, the focus is on the chief controller Wolf-Dieter Wolf of the ARD broadcaster RBB, who has also resigned. He also rejected allegations. In addition, it is about questionable orders for Schlesinger’s husband and ex-“Spiegel” journalist Gerhard Spörl at Messe Berlin, where the chief controller was also head of the supervisory board until his resignation there.