Weapons 13/01/20 “Rays of death”: what was the supergun of Nikola Tesla, which bought Union

Soviet Communists, seized power “in the Wake” of the First world war in 1917 was preparing for the next global conflict, which, in their opinion, was to end the historical triumph of the proletariat. For the victory of the red Army command was ready to use any weapon, including the noise which caused the “death rays” Nikola Tesla.

After the bloody events of 1914-1918, when for the first time on a large scale was used poison gas and flame-throwers, many thought that the next world war, people will invent more deadly weapons. Especially feared that the Bolsheviks were in confrontation with the entire Western world. The theme of “death rays” was often raised in the Soviet press of the twentieth. Attracted a lot of attention, for example, the invention of an Englishman, quiet and scenic sur-Matthews, who allegedly created the spotlight, able to stop the running engines.

“Invisible rays Matthews cast a bright light on the mystery of the new war that the pacifists and reformists hard to prepare. Training is conducted in the offices of the trusts and banks, in the laboratories of scientists and inventors, the General headquarters of the armies. All of these preparations are surrounded by an impenetrable mystery. About all the invisible rays of a future war we only know that they bring death and destruction”, the dread in 1924, the readers of “Light” writer Dmitry Petrovsky. And even though the author finished the article traditional passage that to prevent a war will help the “social revolution”, in fact the red Army was not averse to get their own “death rays”.

in addition to Matthews, development of superweapons in the early twentieth century did the Italians, Guglielmo Marconi and Giulio Ulivi, the American Edwin Scott, engineer, Graichen from Germany and many others. However, the most promising in Moscow considered the invention of Nikola Tesly.

on 11 July 1934 the New York Times reported that Tesla created the weapons “powerful enough to destroy 10 thousand airplanes at a distance of 250 miles.” The inventor himself claimed that “the most important of 700 of his designs.” Advertised their project through the press, Tesla made contact with the Soviet Consul General in new York, Leonid Tolokonski.

“It’s the invention he’d like to propose to the Soviet government, which, as he knows, the only truly fights for peace, and his invention is a means of defense, i.e. a means for the world. Tesla also said that he, as a Slav deeply sympathetic to the huge success of our Slavic countries,” — reported after some time, Stalin’s Commissar of defense Kliment Voroshilov, according to Eugene Malinin in his book “Nikola Tesla”.

the Headquarters of the red Army has had to consider similar applications from domestic engineers, was really a bust. For example, the installation of academician Abram Ioffe, interested Chairman of the revolutionary military Council, Mikhail Tukhachevsky, demanded to operate a power plant. Proved ineffective and “alien weapon” engineer Smirnov.

However, the reputation of Tesla was very high, so the Russian decided to enter into negotiations with him. The transaction was designed in 1935 through the “Amtorg”, the state enterprise in charge of trade with the United States. The Soviet Union paid Tesla $25 thousand for full device information, detailed drawings and specifications. It turned out that Tesla invented a kind of gun that shoots charged particles at a speed close to the speed of light. However, this was only a theoretical project that is not embodied in practice. Apparently, in the Soviet Union, setting the papers the scientist has also not been built. May have been influenced by the army’s repression of 1937 and the execution of Tukhachevsky. Perhaps Tesla simply deceived the Russian military. It is known that besides Moscow, the inventor has sent similar proposals to the governments of rodnoy Yugoslavia, the US, UK and France. However, in none of these countries the “death rays” during the Second world war is also not used.

Timur Sagdiyev

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