On Wednesday morning, a previously unknown Audi driver engaged in a dangerous chase with the police. At around 11:15 a.m., plainclothes police officers noticed an Audi with Spanish license plates on the city motorway near Messe Nord. The car was traveling in the right lane at around 120 km/h instead of the permitted 60 km/h.

According to the police, the driver is said to have suddenly changed lanes several times without using the indicator. Several following road users had to brake hard as a result. Shortly before the Spandauer Damm junction, the police officers unequivocally asked the driver to exit the A100 motorway.

The Audi driver initially switched from the middle lane to the right lane. Shortly before the exit, however, he abruptly pulled to the left again and collided with a vehicle traveling in the same direction, which was damaged.

The car sped away at a much higher speed. When the Audi stopped at an intersection on Beusselstrasse, it was eventually overtaken by the officers. When the driver noticed the police, he drove away at high speed in the red bus lane in the direction of Seestraße.

At the same time, a truck was checked in this bus lane by another police patrol. The driver avoided this by switching to the sidewalk. The police officers stationed there were able to jump to the side and were unharmed.

Back on the road, the Audi sped on, ignoring several red lights. At the corner of Torfstrasse and Sprengelstrasse, the driver briefly lost control of the car. An oncoming vehicle narrowly avoided a collision.

Despite various speed bumps further along the route, the fugitive did not reduce his speed. In the event of an unbraked turning maneuver on Müllerstrasse, the Audi finally lost a tire and was unable to continue.

The driver and his passenger fled on foot and jumped onto a train that was leaving the Wedding S-Bahn station, which enabled them to escape.

Upon closer inspection of the crime vehicle, it was determined that no valid liability insurance existed for it. The Audi was confiscated, video recordings from the train and from the station were secured. The investigations are ongoing.