An extension of the 9-euro ticket meets with resistance from the railway unions. “The 9-euro ticket cannot be continued like this,” said the Vice Chairman of the EVG union, Martin Burkert, on Thursday. “The workforce has reached the load limit and in some cases exceeded it.” In view of this overload, the ticket cannot be extended.

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The train drivers’ union GDL made a similar statement. The ticket, which is supposed to relieve commuters, has brought additional rushes of travelers onto the train, said GDL boss Claus Weselsky on RBB Inforadio. “That’s not good for the system, because it’s already being run for wear and tear anyway. Now we are also completely overburdened.”

The trade unions have different attitudes towards pricing. EVG Vice President Burkert said: “In the long term, we want public transport to become free. Before that, however, the offer and the capacities must first be expanded across the board.” On the other hand, Weselsky said: “We are selling something here. We act as if local transport is free.” There must be a nationwide local transport ticket at a reasonable price.