Smiling and obviously in a good mood, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II attended the first major event in honor of her 70th jubilee to the throne. With the help of a cane, the 96-year-old moved into the royal box on Sunday evening to attend the “A Gallop Through History” show in Windsor. Those in attendance, including movie stars Tom Cruise and Helen Mirren, rose to a standing ovation.

The Queen has had several health problems recently. Only at the beginning of last week did she have to cancel the ceremonial opening of parliament and be represented by Crown Prince Charles. It was only the third time in her 70-year reign that the Queen was absent from the Queen’s Speech. This increased the concerns of the British and monarchy fans around the world for the monarch.

The fact that Elizabeth II then visited the famous horse show in Windsor for an hour last Friday gave the kingdom a sigh of relief. On Sunday, the monarch smiled again on the red carpet at the Royal Windsor Horse Show not far from her palace.