ARCHIV - 07.12.2018, Hessen, Gießen: Das Wappen der Polizei Hessen ist während einer Nachwuchsaktion des Polizeipräsidiums Mittelhessen auf einer Uniform zu sehen (zu dpa: «Durchsuchungen bei Polizisten in Hessen - Ermittlungen in Chatgruppen»). Foto: Silas Stein/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Frankfurt police officers are once again the focus of the public prosecutor’s office. On Friday, search warrants were carried out on five officers, as announced by the State Criminal Police Office and the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office in the evening.

One of the officials is suspected of having used license plates of anti-constitutional organizations. Also against superiors is determined. All five police officers were suspended.

In view of the investigations, the state parliament SPD called for a new error and leadership culture. Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) does not live up to his responsibility despite repeated cases.

All means of criminal and disciplinary law must be exhausted in each individual case, demanded the spokeswoman for domestic affairs, Heike Hofmann, on Saturday.

Officials at the Frankfurt Presidium have repeatedly caused scandals in recent years, including with right-wing chat groups. Most recently, in April, several officials were charged with allegedly sharing racist and hate speech.

The Frankfurt Special Operations Command (SEK) was dissolved last year because of right-wing chat content, among other things.

In the new case, too, the search warrants are based on the results of investigations in chat groups of a messenger service and led, among other things, to the seizure of various mobile phones, as the authorities announced.

A police officer will be investigated until 2018 on suspicion of using license plates from anti-constitutional organizations.

In this context, three other officials are accused of thwarting criminal prosecution while in office, and one of them is also accused of violating official secrecy. There is initial suspicion of a violation of official secrecy against another official. The authorities did not provide any further information.

The new Frankfurt police chief, Stefan Müller, said the allegations and investigations made him very concerned. “It is particularly serious that, according to the current state of knowledge, superiors are involved and did not live up to their special responsibility, but rather presumably abused their function to cover up or cover up misconduct.”