Private Yevgeniy Rodionov: why did he pray US military

History 13/02/20 Private Evgeny Rodionov: why did he pray the military in the U.S.

unlike the Russian army, in the armed forces of the United States still exists, the Institute chaplains – priests of different faiths, combining the worship of military service. Among the saints that revered American Orthodox chaplains, there are not officially canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian soldier Evgeny Rodionov. He died in 1996 at the hands of Chechen militants, who failed to force the young man to renounce his faith.

the Death of Evgeny Rodionov

a Resident of the little village of Kurilovo Evgeny Rodionov was wearing an Orthodox cross, given to his mother, from the age of 10 and never took it off. In 1995 a young man was drafted in the border troops, and in January 1996 went to serve in the Nazran border detachment guarding the administrative border with Chechnya. 14 February 1996, together with three colleagues Eugene stopped at the checkpoint disguised as an ambulance car carrying weapons. Inside the Chechens took the guards prisoner and took them to the Republic. The prisoners were kept near the village of Bamut of the Achkhoi-Martan district. May 23 militants killed Yevgeny Rodionov, by exposing him before his death to torture. According to the story of Brigadier General of Ichkeria Ruslan Khaikhoroyev, the Chechens tried to force Eugene to remove the crucifix. However, unlike others in similar situations soldiers Rodionov had the courage to renounce the Orthodox faith. Subsequently beheaded body of a 19-year-old guard found his mother.

Honoring the US army

Evgeny Rodionov is widely revered by the Orthodox faithful as a Martyr. In 2008 he was recognized as a locally venerated Saint in the Serbian Orthodox Church.

And in 2011, the North American conference of the canonical Orthodox bishops has published a new text of the dismissal, the Requiem, in which among the names of patron saints of the host is mentioned and the New Marytr Evgenii Soldier (new Martyr Evgeny the Warrior). The list consisted primarily of the saints who have been associated with military service. The name Eugene Warrior stands next to the names of the princes, Dmitry Donskoy and Alexander Nevsky, Boris and Gleb, the righteous Admiral Fyodor Ushakov. This prayer for the fallen Orthodox soldiers read American chaplains at the end of the memorial day of the beheading of John the Baptist and Demetrius Saturday.

No special comments from Orthodox bishops of the United States on the occasion of honoring Yevgeny Rodionov was not. Meanwhile, the organization can not be suspected of any particular Russophilia. Currently, according to the website of the conference of the canonical Orthodox bishops in the land force, the Navy and the U.S. air force has a total of 31 Orthodox chaplain. East Slavic names and surnames have only father Peter Dubinin, the Colonel of the air force from Georgia and father Eugene Wozniak, who serves on the Alaska.

the Prospect of the canonization of Eugene Rodionov in Russia

as for the Russian Orthodox Church, the date of the official canonization Evgeny Rodionov is difficult to say. Great effort in this direction is taking Archpriest Alexander Shargunov, rector of the Moscow Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi. The main problem is the lack of credible evidence that the militants had forced Eugene to renounce Christ. Ruslan Hayhoroev, the alleged killer of the guard, he was killed in the Chechen civil strife in 1999. In addition, no information about the fact that the army Evgeny Rodionov was “conscious of the Church’s life.”

“the Era of the new martyrs and Confessors of Russia, as if we weren’t stretched already over. We can make a distinction in 1970, at least, the 1980-th years when in the other world moved past the Confessors, released from the camps”, – noted also in 2004, the Secretary of the Synodal Commission on the canonization of the priest Maxim Maximov.

meanwhile, other Church leaders believe that the glorification of Eugene Warrior with the rank of Martyr could be in the future. Icons with the image of a soldier currently in some Orthodox churches of Russia.

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