Prepared whether Swan coup against Yeltsin

Heroes 06/12/19 Prepared if Swan coup against Yeltsin

the Springboard brief, tragically cut short the political career of General Alexander Lebed was his activities as the commander of the 14th Russian army stationed in Transnistria. It was then that he became famous was said to them (actually or someone then invented) the phrase the President of Moldova Mircea Snegur. It is usually transmitted as follows: now, the General sits down to have Breakfast in Tiraspol, and if, before the end of Breakfast, the Moldovan troops did not stop shelling Bender, then a Swan will have lunch in Chisinau, and dinner in Bucharest.

whatever was actually said, but the activities associated the end of the conflict in Transnistria and the actual establishment of the independence of Tiraspol from Chisinau. Swan became popular in wider circles of the Russian public, especially the “national-Patriotic”. Then started to develop a legend of him as the brutal politics can become a strong “leader”, which supposedly is waiting for Russia. In the presidential elections of 1996, he acted as a “third force” alternative as the leader of the “Democrats-marketeers” Boris Yeltsin and the leader of the “Communist revanchists” Gennady Zyuganov.

the Rise in the Kremlin

After the first round of presidential elections June 16, 1996, in which Swan took third place with almost 15% of the vote, he began his activity as a politician on a national scale. In her Swan immediately showed itself as a supporter of compromises, but very near. Experienced politicians from the Yeltsin famously used his services for the amendment of its Affairs, and then threw the Swan unnecessary.

Immediately after the first round Lebed urged his supporters to vote in the second round for Yeltsin as the lesser evil in comparison with the Communists. The price of this compromise no one was hiding, the Swan is 18 June took the post of Secretary of security Council of Russia “with special authority.” After Yeltsin’s reelection to the post of President of the Russian Federation Lebed headed the Commission for the promotion to higher ranks under the President, and soon became the Plenipotentiary of Russian President in Chechnya.

Here on the shoulders of the Swan laid the most crucial mission, which is estimated in modern Russia is ambiguous. 31 Aug 1996 Swan on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation signed with the chief of the General staff of the rebel Republic of Ichkeria Aslan Maskhadov agreement in Khasavyurt on termination of the Russian-Chechen conflict. Some say that it was an act of surrender of Russia to the Chechen rebels, others that it was only right and decent way out of the situation, which opened the prospects for a lasting peace in the North Caucasus.

At that moment a Swan successfully completed the assignment Yeltsin, as the Kremlin needed a peaceful break in the North Caucasus with “saving face”. However, there is also no doubt that Lebed boasted of his independence and his tendency to establish informal ties with politicians “the other side” (widely known images in which he plays chess with Shamil Basayev) has caused undisguised irritation in the Kremlin.

it is also Clear that in Khasavyurt Lebed showed himself as a politician, eminently pragmatic and able to negotiate.


After the pacification of Chechnya General were not wanted by their Moscow masters. Now affected that side of his character, as the inability to intrigues and confrontation between them. In this Swan clearly did not fit into the concept of the presidential team, and his promise to start the post of Secretary of the security Council uncompromising fight against corruption caused fear. Anatoly Chubais later openly admitted that he was instrumental in the expulsion of the Swan from the highest echelons of power. In that time it resulted in a conflict with the Swan interior Minister Anatoly Kulikov. The latter openly accused of a Swan in a coup. Yeltsin was supported by Kulikova and 17 Oct 1996 Swan dismissed from all government posts. Although two months later the court recognized slander accusations, publicly expressed Kulikov address of the Swan, the Minister however did not apologize. Swan was not reinstated in government posts. Before him there was only one way: to become again independent.

This path led Swan in 1998 the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region. Here the Swan was once again helped by personal charisma. Thus emerged another political weakness is the General inability to institutionalize its popularity by structuring itself around a political party or movement. Apparently, he had the temperament for it, hoping solely on your personal image. Perhaps he was inspired by the example of Charles de Gaulle, his political idol which, when its life is also not based on any one political power, but brought together representatives of different parties.

the Owner of the Yenisei

Nearly four years (1998-2002) Alexander Lebed in charge of one of the largest constituent entities of the Russian Federation. During this time he also made no attempt to lay the Foundation for future breakthrough on the Russian political Olympus. His rule in the region can be characterized by attempts to “restore order” in the use of resources of the region to the needs of the people.

Here a Swan immediately noted a conflict with the oligarchs. The aspiration of a Swan to set the tax control over the profits of major corporations – “Norilsk Nickel” led by Vladimir Potanin and the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, headed by Anatoly Bykov has led to the fact that the first to register your business in Taymyr Autonomous Okrug (which then had known independence from Krasnoyarsk territory). With the second, however, began a protracted war on all levels, and Swan had to resort to using Federal law enforcement agencies. However, he failed to undermine the influence of powerful oligarchs, has become open and most dangerous politicalthey rival the Swan in the region.


the motives of the Swan, which he followed in the Governor’s office, is completely transparent: there are no “centers of power”, in addition to lawful authority, can not be. Perhaps only this can be seen as some “political brutality” of the General.

as for the statements of Swan on national political issues, they do not always fit into the canons of “hard statists” as he is positioned in 1996. Swan has repeatedly expressed outrage allocations from regional budgets to the Federal. He believed that most of the taxes collected should remain in the regions rather than going “nowhere”. During a trip to USA after his retirement from Council in November 1996, Lebed visited the hierarchs of ROCOR (joined ROC in 2007 alone). At the end of 1999, the General publicly expressed doubts that the apartment bombings in Ryazan was a terrorist attack. However, Swan has supported the coming to power of Vladimir Putin, largely due to his anti-oligarchic rhetoric.

Yaroslav Butakov

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