A resident of Potsdam won more than 23.2 million euros in the lottery. As the Land Brandenburg Lotto GmbH in Potsdam announced on Monday, the lucky guy had six correct numbers plus the super number and thus cracked the jackpot.

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The day before the draw on Saturday, the person had spent 16.80 euros in a Potsdam lottery shop for the lottery ticket with seven picks and two draws.

The decisive numbers 18-23-26-37-45-46 found themselves in the seventh betting field and were crowned by the super number 2. The winner is now asked to contact the Potsdam lottery headquarters.

According to Lotto managing director Anja Bohms, it is the sixth million win this year in Brandenburg. It is the highest win of the year so far and the second highest win in the Lotto 6aus49 since its inception.