ARCHIV - 30.01.2008, Niederlande, Amsterdam: Peter R. de Vries, niederländischer Kriminalreporter, kommt zu einer Live-TV-Show. Rund ein Jahr nachdem er ermordet wurde, läuft der Strafprozess gegen die beiden mutmaßlichen Täter. (zu dpa: «Verlobte von ermordetem Amsterdamer Reporter: Leid ist unermesslich») Foto: Peter Dejong/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

In the murder case of Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, investigators have caught a possible man behind it. It is said to be a 26-year-old Pole, as the Amsterdam daily newspaper “Het Parool” reported on Monday. Prosecutors confirmed the arrest to reporters. It’s the third suspect in the case.

De Vries was shot dead in the middle of Amsterdam in July 2021, he was 64 years old.

Two suspects were arrested shortly after the crime. You face life imprisonment. The verdict is to be announced on July 14.

A phone had been secured from the two men, in which a previously unknown person had given direct instructions for the murder. This person is said to be the Pole who has now been arrested, as the media write.

According to media reports, the previously convicted man has been in custody for another case since October. According to information from “Het Parool”, he is said to have a direct connection to the alleged boss of a notorious drug gang, Ridouan Taghi.