Polygamy in Nazi Germany who wanted him to legalize

History 03/01/20 Polygamy in Nazi Germany who wanted him to legalize

many Wives of the leaders of the Nazi party, for example, Magda Goebbels, saw its main mission in the birth of children for the Third Reich. Then all went to Gerda Bormann, the wife of the personal Secretary to the führer Martin Bormann. It is believed that for the prosperity of Germany in the country is allowed to enter polygamy.

Happy wife of an unfaithful husband

a Native of Swabia, Gerda Buch, met a functionary of the NSDAP, Martin Bormann, thanks to his father, a convinced Nazi, Walter Buch. In 1929, when Gerda was 19, she married Bormann, and Adolf Hitler was a witness at this wedding. In honor of the leader of the party was called the firstborn of Barmanou, born after 7 months after my parents ‘ wedding. All the couple had 9 children. Gerda Bormann loved my husband and was ready to obey him in all things. The head of the party Chancellery of the NSDAP was not indifferent to his wife, though sometimes ill-treated her or even humans.

“Bormann did not neglect family responsibilities and of course, in his own way loved his wife. Their correspondence shows how much he felt connected their bond and how she generously forgave his weakness,” says the biographer Bormann Pavel Pavlenko.

One of the “weaknesses” of the Nazi functionary was on the side. Aware of several novels Bormann, which he did not conceal from Gerda. In detail told his wife about how he “mastered” his theater and film actress Manya Behrens, Borman said: “Now I feel doubly happy and doubly married.”

“extraordinary marriage” for the sake of the future of Germany.

the Reaction of Gerda Bormann on confessions of an unfaithful husband might be considered a form of psychological protection — she invented a theory which was supposed to justify the behavior of a spouse. It was about legalized polygamy, which was understood Gerda Bormann as a “necessary” measure. At her opinion, every healthy “Aryan” should have the right to formally cohabit with two or three women. Especially after the war, when Germany will miss the men and women who will give birth.

“Shockingly little of value for society men survive this ultimate battle; many fine women are doomed to remain childless because their named were killed in the war,” lamented Gerda.

the state, she believed, should ensure that wives of equal status and standard of living. Gerda did not forget about the interests of her husband, his sexual needs. In her opinion, in the case of polygamous marriage wives should alternate periods of pregnancy — in any case, the man remained a “free” partner. Wife of Nazi functionary has gone so far that even developed the texts of the relevant laws and official language.

“I, Gerda Bormann, nee Buch, agree with the decision of my husband to conclude a national emergency marriage with Manya Behrens. I agree that the Union should have the same effect as ties that unite us” — a document of Gerda Bormann was ready to sign for the sake of the family.

All these arguments contradict the strict Lutheran upbringing that the wife of Bormann received in the parental home. However, the idea of plural marriage was a logical continuation of the well learned one of the triad: Kinder, Küche, Kirche (“children, kitchen, Church”), reflecting the official views of the Nazis on the role of women. It is noteworthy that caring Gerda was worried about even that mistress of her husband’s poorly performing the role of Housewives. Plans to change policy of the Third Reich in the field of marriage and family were only in the head of Gerda Bormann (and in letters to her husband). The woman, and she knew that such reforms are possible only after the end of the war, but the war ended not in the way imagined by the Nazis.

Martin Bormann has not been seen since may 2, 1945, when the Secretary left Hitler’s bunker — now he is said to have made suicide with doctor-SS Ludwig Stumpfegger. Gerda Bormann lived after her husband’s death less than a year — she died in March 1946, poisoned by mercury in the treatment of cancer. Children of the couple Barmanou was adopted by a priest named Theodore Smitem.

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