Livios In 2018, has built the Robin a new-build home in Zonhoven. In december, he was in it, and it was all done, except for the terrace and the garden. However, a long time hesitated between the two options are the terrace, polished concrete or ceramic tile. “In terms of price, they are in a balance sheet, but also the installation and maintenance play an important role,” he says, aanbouwsite Livios. After a couple of months ‘ time and ask, does he have to bite the bullet. Curious as to what it will become? Strengths and points to consider

For Robin, the choice was far from clear-cut. Both of these materials have specific advantages and weaknesses.

Tip: :this is the tile you lay is the best for your terrace.


Features a sleek and modern look and feel.

Is a very fast-posted in.

You can have one completely of your patio, path and driveway.

-Polished betonis is smooth if it is below freezing or it is raining.

You have often have imperfections, such as stains, chips, or cracks.

The installation to the experts.

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