Berlin den 21.11.2019 Einfamilienhaus der Familie Remmo, Alt Buckow 37. Hinter dem Haus soll Familie Remmo ein weiteres Gebaeude ohne Genehmigung errichtet haben. Bild-Motiv: Haupthaus *** Berlin den 21 11 2019 Detached house of the Remmo family, Alt Buckow 37 Behind the house, the Remmo family is said to have erected another building without permission Picture motif Main house

The Berlin police searched the villa of the notorious Remmo clan in Neukölln and other properties on Thursday morning. Heavily armed and helmeted police officers, investigators from the State Criminal Police Office and a public prosecutor arrived at 6 a.m. in front of the villa in Alt-Buckow.

The officials searched the villa, a son of clan boss Issa Remmo was arrested and taken away. An arrest warrant was not executed, but rather the scion of the clan was treated by the identification service. According to Tagesspiegel information, the head of the extended family of Arabic origin was also present during the operation.

According to information from the Tagesspiegel, the investigation is about the theft of a high-quality refrigerator. A total of three men aged 21, 27 and 31 are accused. In addition to the Remmo son, the other two men are also assigned to the clan milieu. Two properties were searched in Neukölln, two in Mariendorf and one in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

The police did not find the stolen refrigerator. A total of five search warrants for the villa, apartments and business premises were available, the police said. A 31-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman were arrested in the house in the Buckow district for resisting the police.

The police union (GdP) said: “It is important that the rule of law repeatedly shows limits and takes decisive action against criminal clan structures so that the impression no longer arises that our laws can be disregarded and the most serious crimes committed without it being known.” is held accountable. It is no coincidence that in various cases you repeatedly come across known suspects who have repeatedly proven that they disregard the rule of law.”

Members of individual branches of the extended family of around 1,000 people repeatedly attract attention with serious crimes. Prominent examples include the theft of the “Big Maple Leaf” gold coin from Berlin’s Bode Museum in 2017 and bank burglaries.

Several clan men from the extended family are currently on trial in Dresden, they are accused of stealing the Saxon jewels from the Green Vault.

The police had only searched the clan villa last year. The district is in dispute with the Remmos and has terminated the lease with the extended family. She is fighting back in court, a verdict on the district’s eviction action is still pending. The public prosecutor had confiscated the villa in 2018.

There are delays in the process of confiscating the villa. The hearing of further witnesses before the Neukölln district court is not expected to take place until February 2023, as a spokesman announced on Thursday. The trial was originally scheduled to continue on September 13th.

After the family failed to voluntarily vacate the villa by the end of October 2021 as requested, the district went to court. Both sides had declared settlement negotiations to have failed. The house and property belong to the state of Berlin, the district of Neukölln is responsible for it as a municipality.

A total of 77 properties worth around nine million euros are involved. The courts approved the procedure because the property was said to have been bought with money stolen from crimes.

Eventually, the property became the property of the State of Berlin, the district got the villa and became the landlord.