ARCHIV - 24.06.2022, Brandenburg, Dahme/Mark: Ein Mähdrescher erntet Wintergerste. (Luftaufnahme mit einer Drohne). Die EU-Kommission sollte nach Ansicht des Europäischen Rechnungshofs stärker gegen Betrug in der milliardenschweren EU-Agrarpolitik vorgehen. (Symbolbild zu «Betrug: EU-Rechnungshof mahnt mehr Kontrolle bei Agrarsubventionen an») Foto: Patrick Pleul/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After the Brandenburg police were made aware of a huge swastika mowed into a field via the short message service Twitter, there was a police operation in the Barnim district on Tuesday evening.

The anti-constitutional symbol was discovered by the “Bild” political editor Julian Röpcke, who otherwise mainly reports on the Ukraine war for the tabloid medium.

Röpcke is a passionate amateur pilot and discovered the swastika during a flight from the air. According to Tagesspiegel information, the corresponding field is near the village of Niederfinow in the Barnim district.

As can be seen in the aerial photo, individual residential buildings are only a few meters away from the symbol. Röpcke had posted several photos of the Nazi symbol on Twitter early Tuesday evening.

After the Tagesspiegel had asked the Brandenburg police on Tuesday evening, the local offices were alerted by the headquarters in Potsdam. But when the Brandenburg police arrived in Niederfinow, the swastika had disappeared.

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Officers also interviewed the property owner. The clues – also from the conversation – were enough for the police officers. The man had apparently mowed the field in June. Since when the swastika was removed again remained unclear.

On Tuesday evening, the Brandenburg police initiated an investigation. The suspicion: Use of license plates of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations, Section 86a of the Criminal Code.