James-Simon -Park in Berlin Mitte an der Burgstraße an der Spree. Gegenüber der Berliner Dom. Corona / Coronavirus / COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2 / bei super Sonnenwetter - die Menschen verhalten sich total diszipliniert. Foto: Doris Spiekermann-Klaas

The police cleared James Simon Park in Berlin-Mitte on Sunday night. In Monbijoupark, not far from the green area, there were two serious robberies and one dangerous bodily injury, the police said.

In order to prevent further crimes, the police decided to clear James Simon Park. According to the information, there were around 1,000 people in the facility and in the underpass to Monbijoupark at the time. Around 40 forces asked those present to leave the park. Police dogs were also used in the evacuation.

According to the police, two 21-year-olds had been attacked by a group of nine in Monbijoupark. One of the two men is said to have had his fanny pack stolen.

In another robbery, a 34-year-old was hit and kicked by a group of nine. The perpetrators stole his wallet. He suffered a minor head injury and was taken to a hospital.

A little later, a 33-year-old was followed and beaten by a group of around 30 people. He was taken to a hospital with a laceration. According to a police spokeswoman, the man and the attackers knew each other.

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James Simon Park had already been cleared on the first weekend in June after a dangerous bodily injury. At that time, about 800 revelers were in the park.