Local police say that a witness to a stabbing at Texas’ gas station shot the suspect Friday night.

The Waco Police Department released a statement saying that the man saw a man stab a woman before chasing her down into the Waco QuikTrip.

According to police, he fired a handgun at the suspect in an attempt to defend his female victim. It remains a mystery who the victim and suspect are.

According to the statement, officers arrived at the station around 7:40 p.m. and received a report about a stabbing.


Police say both the victim as well as the suspect sustained serious injuries. They were taken to a local hospital. Their condition was not known as of Saturday morning.

The man who shot the suspect at him cooperated with police when they arrived. The suspect was not charged and allowed to leave. Police say that the man accused of stabbing the woman will be held in Waco police custody until he is treated for his injuries.

Garen Bynum, a Waco police spokesperson, said that the third-party responsible for firing a weapon was with us and being cooperative. “He has supporters here, so he’ll continue to work with us throughout this investigation.”


According to Waco police officers, the incident was domestic and both the woman and man had known each other before the stabbing.

Local news station KWTX-TV reports that police were on the scene late Friday night in order to collect evidence and question witnesses.

Recent months have seen shootings at gas stations.

A 14-year old boy opened fire on a Garland gas station, Texas, near Dallas in December. He allegedly shot and killed three teenage boys. Police later arrested the teenager and described the shooting as “difficult”.

Garland Police Chief Jeff Bryan stated, “I have children around the same age.” To understand the day after Christmas, when most people are getting ready for school again. We’re now trying to support families and help them through this.

Two teenagers were killed and a baby was injured in a shooting at a Marathon gas station near Memphis in December. The incident occurred after someone set fire to their car.

Newsweek tried to contact QuikTrip and the Waco Police Department for comment Saturday morning, but was unsuccessful. This story will be updated with any additional information.