The police are looking for a 36-year-old suspect after a homicide in Kalletal in North Rhine-Westphalia. The police did not provide any further details as to who the man is said to have killed. Several media reported an act of violence out of jealousy: The 36-year-old is said to have killed a rival, his wife’s friend. There was no confirmation of this from the police.

A police spokesman said in the evening that one could not comment on this for tactical reasons. The act of violence came to light by chance during a general traffic check.

The Detmold public prosecutor’s office and a homicide commission have been looking for the man since Saturday morning, according to the Bielefeld police. He was in the car with a woman and two children and should be checked routinely, the police spokesman said. Instead, the man fled, leaving his wife and children behind.

The woman stated that a homicide had occurred in the vicinity of her family. The spokesman said he could not give any more details. There was also no further information about the persons and the wanted person.

The man was also searched for in Rinteln in neighboring Lower Saxony. Helicopters were also used, as well as a SEK team. After extensive investigations by a homicide commission, there was an urgent suspicion against the 36-year-old. The scene of the crime is said to be a street near the Weser in the municipality of Kalletal-Stemmen.

The investigators called the man’s full name for the search and published a photo of him. However, they warned citizens not to speak to the man.