25.06.2022, Brandenburg, Kosilenzien: Ein Feuerwehrfahrzeug und zahlreiche Feuerwehrkameraden löschen den Waldbrand an der sächsischen-brandenburigschen Grenze im Naturschutzgebiet Gorischheide. Foto: Daniel Schäfer/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After another forest fire near the Saxony-Brandenburg state border, the police are investigating arson.

On Sunday, a fire spread over about 1.5 hectares near Arzberg (Northern Saxony district), the police said on Monday.

Volunteer fire brigades from Saxony and Brandenburg could have prevented further spread.

According to the fire department, self-ignition is unlikely. That’s why arson is now suspected. The extent of the damage was still unclear.

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At the end of June, there was a fire about 20 kilometers away in Gohrischheide for days. According to the authorities, it was the largest forest fire in Saxony in 30 years. The damage is in the tens of millions.