Pirogov and Barsov: the fate of the combat pilots who escaped from the USSR on the Tu-2

History 20/02/20 Pies and Bars: the fate of the combat pilots who escaped from the USSR on the Tu-2

In 1948, the Soviet pilots, participants of the great Patriotic war, Pyotr Pirogov and Anatoly Barsov put the Tu-2 bomber in Austria at the airport of the American base. It was not a forced landing, and was carefully planned escape from the Soviet Union. Pilots willingly told about their reasons for such a daring act.

Landing in Austria

Peter A. Pirogov went through the war and was even awarded honorary awards, including the order of the red Star and order of the Patriotic war 2nd degree. It was he who was the chief instigator of the escape to the West.

as an accomplice Pies chose of his colleague Anatoly Borzov Porfirievich (Barovym it was called abroad), who was also at the front and received the distinguished service order of the red banner. In addition to these pilots, the plane and was another one of their colleague. He learned about the plan only friends in the sky. For obvious reasons, back then he could not.

so, on October 9, 1948, the Tu-2 bomber takes off from the military airfield Kolomyia, in Ukraine, and after a time landed in Austria, on the territory of the airport in Hörsching. At that time this area was occupied by the United States. Naturally, into place at once there arrived representatives of the Soviet authorities. They offered to give the pilots seat in an emergency and to return home. But they flatly refused. Agreed to go back to the Union only the third member of the crew, one that was not involved in the escape.

the causes of the escape

About the reasons for their unwillingness to live in the Soviet Union crumbles and Leopards willingly shared with everyone. Subsequently, Pies even wrote a book called “Why I left” (“Why I Escaped the Story of Peter Pirogov”), where he described in detail his life and the lives of their fellow citizens in the Soviet state.

Pilot storieshall that he was disappointed in existed in his homeland system. He was overwhelmed with numerous facts and allegations in the former German prisoner of war Russian soldier in espionage and sent to camps in the home country. Besides he didn’t like that the victory over the fascist invaders, the leaders of the party attributed including what, according to Pirogova, they did not deserve.

Pies argued that there is no democracy in the Soviet Union was not, and was only terror and fear. In his opinion, the Union, contrary to the assertions of the government, absolutely does not exist class equality. And false propaganda about the “decadent America,” which until recently was presented as an ally in the fight against fascism, also pretty angry Pirogov.

Life in America

Pirogov and Barsov took abroad good. Initially, however, an obstacle to the granting of political asylum in the United States was the fact that Pies was a candidate member of the CPSU(b). However, this question was soon settled.

Pyotr Pirogov settled in America quite well. He even graduated from University and for some time taught the Humanities. He married a Russian emigrant of the first wave. The couple had three children. Pyotr Afanasievich died in 1987.

But as for his partner’s autograph, that he found himself in a foreign land. Anatoly Porfirievich often complained to a friend that misses home. In the end, he returned to the Soviet Union, where, according to some sources, immediately executed.

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