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History 06/02/20 Personal life Vlasov: on whom they married Germans

In his memoirs about the great Patriotic war red army soldiers, often with great warmth tell on the front-line friends who brightened the harsh military life. Nurses, cooks, communicators often become outdoorsy field wives of officers. But such relationships were formed at the front and also in the troops of the enemy. For example, soldiers of the Russian liberation army (ROA), commanded by General Andrei Vlasov, was also and wife, and front of a friend.

the Russian in the service of the Nazis

the Famous historian, writer and publicist Boris Sokolov in his book “Occupation. Truth and myths” (Moscow, 2002) said that the former commander of the 2nd shock army, A. A. Vlasov, who was captured on 11 July 1942 in the Leningrad region, in the collaborationist Newspapers “… was portrayed almost as a latter-day Messiah, designed to save Russia from the Bolsheviks.”

Many representatives of the Russian emigration still believe that he was the ideological enemy of communism. A controversial figure of the head of the POA and the Committee for the liberation of the peoples of Russia (ACPD) is heated debate among researchers.

the author of the book “Who rules the world” (Moscow, 2014), Anna Mudrova, wrote that after the transition to the side of the Nazis General A. A. Vlasov was engaged in advocacy, and the formation of the actual combat parts of the POA began only in 1943. They include:

soldiers of the red army, defected across the front line for ideological or personal reasons;prisoners of war, agreed to cooperate with the Nazis;Ostarbeiters who were brought to Germany from the occupied territories of the USSR, the Russians and their sons, who grew up in Europe.

According to experts, in April of 1945, the ROA were about 130 thousand people. In addition to combat units in the army of collaborators created intelligence speckOla, who trained saboteurs to be sent to the Soviet Union.

an Example of the head

the private life of General A. A. Vlasov was intense, with him there was always some kind of front-line friend. This was written by many biographers and historians. For example, the author of the book “Vlasov. Two-person General” (Moscow, 2003 edition) Nikolai Konyaev believes that the nature of this General demonstrate his relationships with women.

the First wife of Andrei Andreyevich was Anna M. Voronin. And, judging by the front letters of the General, he tried to beg her forgiveness for the affair that happened before the great Patriotic war, Leningrad hairdresser, whose name was Julia S. Osadchaya. This woman gave birth in 1937 from the General’s daughter Raisa.

And early in the war A. A. Vlasov began to cohabit with medic Agnes Pavlovna of Padmasana, the son of this couple was born in 1942, a boy was named Andrew in honor of his father. While one marching field his wife gave birth to a child, the commander met with new passion chef Maria Ignat’evna Voronova.

And after the capture of the German General did not remain without attention of women. His life has always been the barmaids, secretaries-typists, nurses, communicators… in the Summer of 1943 the head of the POA met the woman who became his second wife. It was the widow of an officer of the SS, Adelheid of Bilenberg, similar to the environment of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

“Vlasov would not be Vlasov, if limited to only one pure love. It is very difficult to say what was in this novel with his more – love or calculation. We think the calculation prevailed… anyway, it was in the beginning… Through the bed Heidi Bielenberg, close familiar with Himmler, it was much easier to get in direct contact with the leaders of the Reich than through the painstaking hassle of Baltic Germans, or the subtle intrigue of the intelligence services,” – wrote in his book N. M. Konyaev.

However, concluded in April 1945, the marriage didn’t last as long honeymoon. It is noteworthy that during the arrest of the General was accompanied by a woman but not the spouse is German. According to many biographers, this was another passion of captain.

outdoorsy field wives

A. A. Vlasov married SS widow, who held a high position in society because he was a General and pursuing certain political objectives. Other soldiers of the ROA is also arranged his personal life, finding companions in your social circle. From Vlasov, who followed the example of his leader, was as official spouses, and outdoorsy field wives or girlfriends just the front.

basically, the life of soldiers and officers of the POA brightened girls, which the Germans took from the occupied territory of the Soviet Union to work in Germany, and daughter of white Russians, willing to join the ranks of the army of collaborators. It is possible that some of these women hoped to improve their living conditions, tying the fate with the soldiers allies of the Nazis.

In the American journal “Bulletin Online” published by Russian emigrants, the article was published Isaac Goldman “the Fate of Colonel Zverev” (No 9 (268) of 24 April 2001). In it the author talked about the commander of the second division of the ROA, which was twice captured by the Nazis. The first time the officer who escaped from German camps, has caused a lot of suspicion of the NKVD, but was able to convince command that did not betray anyone. And after the second capture of the commander of the 350th infantry division Grigory Zverev realized that turning back for him just yet. No one would believe him in case of another successful escape from the Germans.

And while the official wife and two daughters of an officer after the evacuation we lived in the city of Frunze, the Colonel got himself a marching field wife – some chemist Tatiana K. With it, in may 1945, tried to break into the West, in the American zone of influence, but to no avail. Knowing what to expect from the Soviet government, Grigory and Tatyana tried to kill herself, she poisoned medicalmi drugs, and he shot himself in the head, but survived, deprived only of the right eye. G. A. Zvereva was hanged in 1946 for treason along with A. A. Vlasov and other members of management of the ROA.

husband / wife

However, not all members of the ROA were loving traitors, immediately sabalauski about wives with children after the transition to the side of the Nazis. Some of them initially were bachelors, they had families already in Germany. As, for example, captain George Chavchavadze (Ben Chavchavadze). Information about his life is contained in the biographical dictionary “Russian North America”, which was compiled by the founder of the Congress of Russian Americans Yevgeny Alexandrov and released in 2005 with the participation of Saint Petersburg state University.

George N. Chavchavadze was in Germany in 1938 when he was 17 years old. The Soviet government exchanged them with his mother on the Austrian Communists were arrested by the Nazis. After graduating from military school, a young man fought on the Eastern front against the red army, beginning in 1941. He was a member of bloody battles in Latvia, near Luga, Vitebsk, Velikiye Luki, Vyazma and Rzhev. ROA brave captain quickly risen to positions of commander of the 3rd squadron of the reconnaissance battalion, led by major B. A. Kostenko.

At the same time, G. N. Chavchavadze married to Irina Georgievna Klimova, who served as a typist at the headquarters of the 1st infantry division of the armed forces ACPD, stationed in the German town of münsingen. According to some biographers, Irina some time has been a Secretary of A. A. Vlasov, although these data are not well documented.

the Fate of the spouses Chavchavadze was formed less dramatic than most of Vlasov. They managed to avoid Soviet captivity. From West Germany, which was controlled by the Americans, George and Irina moved to Canada, where they raised three children. G. N. Chavchavadze 35 years he taught at the unithe University of the city of Ottawa.

Powerless women Ostarbeiters

most of the soldiers of the ROA married the so-called Ostarbeiter – the inhabitants of the occupied regions of the Soviet Union, transported by the Nazis to Germany. Such a marriage promised this powerless girls and women, which was seen by the Germans as a cheap labor force, at least some official status. However, there are no exceptions for spouses of soldiers and officers of the POA, the Germans, apparently, did not.

co-authors of the book “RNNA. The enemy in the Soviet form” (Moscow, 2012 edition), Dmitry Zhukov and Ivan Kovtun, brought an interesting document – a collective letter to servicemen ROA, addressed to Lieutenant-General G. N. Zelenkova, he headed the Department of propaganda ACPD. It disenfranchised women Ostarbeiters complain of their plight and asking for help.

“Sir, Lieutenant-General, for six months we work in a paper factory and had much to starve and continue to starve. It was, however, a small exception, when we 14 days of receiving small quantities of products. Now we get only 200 g of bread, 50 g of margarine and 1 times a day 1 litre of turnip soup. With this power we work 11-12 hours a day and many of us got sick, including children,” complained the wife of a soldier of the ROA.

it is Unknown if G. N. Zhilenkov applied to women. According to the letter they expected from the German leadership more loyalty to him because he devoted his life to the soldiers of the army of collaborators.

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