Celebrities, While in the new movie, ‘Hustlers’, and Jennifer Lopez(50), an apparatus that, together with some of our colleagues decide to take greatly appreciated by the general public, not everyone is as thrilled with the movie. Who are the real people Samantha Barbash, on which the movie is based on, and threatened with a law suit, as they will not provide any compensation has been given. “J. LO does, but for free?”, according to Samantha.

For those who are not yet able to tell, ‘Hustlers’, it is based on a true verhaal.De a film about strippers Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), and Destiny (Constance Wu), that is, their income is so strongly seen to reduce after the stock market crash of 2008 that they decided to turn the tables. By former Wall Street clients, to educate and train them quickly in a lavish and decadent life. But when greed prevails, that is, their friendship is threatened, and the strong arm of the law is to make the corner look.

The story is based on the life of Samantha Barbas. They are known to be so for at least two years ago, she is one of the leidinggevendenwas within eenmisdadige the circle of dancers. They decided that the New York elite of the elite, and men, to seduce them than it is to drug and steal from. The story was first published in New York Magazine, under the title of ” The Hustlers at the Scores, and did so to reach that, there will also be a film about it was made.

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