PE base at Karlskrona: how could it start a war with the Soviet Union with Sweden

History 28/12/19 emergency base at Karlskrona: how could it start a war with the USSR Sweden

This incident has seriously complicated the Soviet-Swedish relations. It is not clear now, whether accidentally, the submarine s-363, Soviet Navy was then in the territorial waters of Sweden, passing through a very narrow channel, known only to the Swedes.

What was this boat

According to the materials of the historian of the Navy captain 2 rank Sergey Berezhnoy, the average torpedo diesel-electric submarine s-363 was built in the framework of the project 613 (the most massive in the Soviet submarine fleet series, in the course of the project were produced more than 200 submarines) and launched in 1956. In her arms were six 533-mm torpedo tubes 4 bow and 2 aft.

Why she “lost”

the Incident that occurred in Swedish territorial waters near the island of Thrumster that housed the naval base of Karlskrona, has received wide publicity not only in Sweden and the USSR. The Soviet Union was forced on this occasion to indicate their official position. How was the TASS report, published a week after the incident, Soviet submarine No. 137 during the “regular school swimming” in the Baltic sea due to the error in navigation was in Swedish waters and ran aground. I had to admit that the submarine was transported by local rescuers. That there was a real threat of assault-363 Swedish special forces, and the Soviet-Swedish talks about how to “let go” of the submarine home was long and arduous, TASS is not reported.

Vasily Besedin, in 1981, the captain and the political officer s-363, years later, recalled that the submarine at the end of October of 1981 actually made a planned two-week hike, appointed place of duty of the submarine was the square of the Baltic sea near the Danish island of Bornholm. Commanded C-363 captain 3rd rank Anatoly Gushchin. According to Besedina, already a day later the fishing trawl was damaged the antenna of a radio direction finder. Radio divers contacted the command staff of the Navy, requesting the return to base, but this was not allowed, ordered to continue the voyage, relying on the backup equipment the s-363. In addition, the error rate considered Besedin was the result of lack of competency of the Navigator of the submarine.

On the 9th day of swimming, 27 October, the submarine, as it turned out, marching in secret, in the 12 m width of the fairway Swedish waters, the village on the coastal shoal near the island of Thrumster. The crew, how many tried on their own to eliminate the state of emergency could not.

As this became known to Americans

At a time when there was this “unplanned landing” of the Soviet submarines in the area the Swedish naval base of Karlskrona, on Forumshere was the assistant naval attache of the USA in Sweden, captain Edmond Pope. Based on his memoirs, the commander of the naval base of Karlskrona Lennart Forsman immediately told him about what happened, partly because he did not immediately believe the report of subordinates, thinking first about the misinformation. Pope Swedes were allowed to contact the American Embassy in Stockholm, where the officer and reported the incident.

Soon, the Western media published sensational articles about the incident near a naval base, and “the Swedish capital has quickly become a worldwide centre of attention.” The Minister of foreign Affairs of the United States (new US Ambassador has not yet arrived in Stockholm) had already contacted Washington and requested attaché of defense to order the Pope to his colleague as soon as possible to leave the Home and “not stick out”. Then the order was canceled, and the Americans remained on Forumshere to collect information about S-363. The island came the Soviet naval attaché Yuriy Prosvirnin. His long let in Karlskrona to the boat.

the Pope claims that before leaving Sweden he was shown a copy of navigation log of the submarine, which was a clear erasing and changing data relating to butChi landing-363 stranded from 27 to 28 October . In addition, the American attaché was known that in the days when the Soviet submarine “lost” in the area of Karlskrona conducted secret Swedish torpedo testing.

the intensity of the events

After the discovery of the submarine near a Swedish military base to C-363 arrived the representative of the Karlskrona Karl Andersson. The crew to abandon the submarine refused. At the time the incident has been officially informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Sweden and the USSR, the Ministry of defense of both countries. In the area to find the submarines moved a squadron of the Baltic fleet. Threatened the real clash – the Minister of defence of Sweden gave the order to open fire if Soviet ships are in Swedish territorial waters. That 363 had torpedoes, only aggravated the conflict.

After days of negotiations, long hours of interrogations by the Swedes Gushchina and Besedina s-363 is finally removed from the rocks, and on their own she went to the base in Liepaja, where he arrived on 7 November. At a press conference in Sweden navigation cause “wandering”, a Soviet submarine was confirmed. Home jokers called returning the boat “Swedish Komsomolets”. Gushchina after the proceedings were transferred to the coastal post (commander of the Swedish database is also removed from this post), another officer on the Soviet submarine was fired from the ranks of the Navy. The Soviet Union had to pay Sweden 5 million SEK million USD for work on the descent-363.

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