Biography 06/01/20 Partisan “Michael”: why it is considered the most daring saboteur

Partisans “Michael”: why it is considered the most daring are
In fact a brave guerrilla name was Mehdi Huseyn-zade. Mehdi was captured in the first half of the great Patriotic war, during the battle of Stalingrad. He managed to escape from captivity and were engaged in subversive activities.

the College Years

Mehdi Huseyn-zade was born in 1918 in Novxanı, in a small Azerbaijani village, which, as argued by the author of the book “War and poetry” Najaf Guliyev, was not even marked on maps. However, the father of Mehdi was not the last man in the country: the last years of his life he held the position of chief of the Baku police. However, the Mehdi from a young age was attracted to art: he even graduated from art school in Baku. The young man also tried to enter the Leningrad Academy of arts, but failed to contest.

In connection with the failure of Mehdi chose the Leningrad Institute of foreign languages. However, in this University, he also did not stay: in 1940 he transferred to the Azerbaijan pedagogical Institute. In August 1941, literally from College Gusein-zade was drafted into the red Army. Before to be on the front, Mehdi again had little to learn. According to Farida Velikanovoj, author of the book “Russian prose of Azerbaijan,” Huseyn-zade graduated from officer courses “the Shot” and then went to protect the homeland.

the Escape

War could be the end for Mehdi in 1942, during the legendary battle of Stalingrad. The fact that Gusein-zade would be seriously wounded and was in enemy captivity. At least so wrote the authors of the book “Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten” Yuri Strizhov, Lydia Yarushina and Vladimir tel’pukhovskii. Soon Mehdi was in a concentration camp, located on the territory of Italy. Together with his comrades, he not once tried to escape from the camp, but all attempts end in failure.

meanwhile the prisoners were not discouraged and did not sit idly by. The camp operated a secret anti-fascist organization, active member of which was Mehdi Huseyn-zade. Supporters hope to break free, and in 1943 another escape and finally succeeded. According to Nikolay Timofeev, the author of the book “USSR-Italy: cultural relations”, after escaping from a concentration camp with a group of compatriots, Mehdi joined the partisans who fought in the area of Genoa. Very soon, Mehdi showed extraordinary ability of the scout, in connection with which the guerrillas respectfully called him “Michael”.

a Daring saboteur

Indeed, the skill and fearlessness of Mehdi Huseyn-zade amazes even the modern historians. Konstantin Zalesskiy in his encyclopedia of the “Great Patriotic war” writes that Mehdi owning the German language, often dressed in a Nazi uniform for the smooth conduct of various acts of sabotage. In 1944 Mehdi blew up the theater in the Italian town of Villa Opicina. The result of this operation was eliminated 80 of the Nazis, and hundreds more were injured. Penetrated Mehdi on the enemy airfield and prison. In the first case, he destroyed 2 aircraft and 25 vehicles, and the second was released about 700 prisoners.

However, one “mikhayla” have failed. In early November 1944 Mehdi along with his comrades were going to make a RAID on the German warehouse, located in the Slovenian village Vitovlje. Only the Germans this time to be vigilant. According to G. A. Madatov, the author of the book “Azerbaijan in the great Patriotic war of the Soviet Union”, Mehdi Huseyn-zade took refuge in a house. He was shot to the last, but, realizing that it’s over, no longer prefer to be captured and voluntarily retired from life. Subsequently, the “Mihailo” was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

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