The car is The organization of the Zoute Grand Prix in the fashionable beach resort of Knokke-today, at the tenth edition of the car, and sportwagenevent, big plans for the future and will be announced. Thus, there will be more next year, including rally in the Walloon city of Durbuy, in the tracks of entrepreneur Marc Coucke, who is also a member of the Zoute Automobile Club.

in The next few years will be the Zoute Grand Prix both nationally and internationally, and more on the map as a full-time organiser of the classic car events, an exclusive in nature. The current team of six people would be up in the next two years will be extended to as much as 20 to 25 people.

you can also Read it IN the PICTURE. Old-timers conquer the town of Knokke during the first day of the Zoute Grand-Prix

the Next year are five events scheduled at this time. In the beginning of may, the Rally in the town of Durbuy, place, and a month later there is a Women-Only Rally in a kustrally restricted to female participants of the Deauville, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage for a wonderful time. In August, there will be a “Generations Rally, a rally which, for example, a father and son or mother and daughter to ride. In October, the traditional Salt, the Grand Prix, the year in december, with a Salt of X-mas Event.