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Physical preparation of fighters of “alpha” and “Vympel” is a compliment. Unlike athletes, studying the “lightweight” version of martial arts, special forces of the FSB is able to defeat the enemy not only on the carpet, but the solution of real combat missions. However, few people know that the “operative karate”, which formed the basis of unarmed combat of the KGB, brought to our country, the Cuban coach Raul RISO.

the Path of the wizard

In 1978 the Deputy of Andropov, Colonel-General Vladimir Pirozhkov paid a visit in Cuba. One day, Fidel Castro invited a guest to watch the training of employees of the local interior Ministry. It was probably special forces soldiers Avispas Negras (“Black Wasps”), providing, among other things, protected the commander. Pirozhkova seen struck to the core. He realized that the Soviet KGB, still the old-fashioned way of studying Sambo, would not hold in a real fight with the Cubans. And the times were troubling. Increasingly, law enforcement officers confronted the well-trained fighters. Everyone remembers the hostage-taking at the Munich Olympics in 1972, and no one wanted something like that to happen again in the upcoming games in Moscow. So the Lubyanka decided to learn more about the Cuban “operative karate”.

This combat system was developed by the officer Domingo Rodriguez Oquendo, better known as Raul RISO. He took the “elite” style Jyoshinmon karate. Since 1968 Ricey learned from karate Kobayashi Seiki, arrived on Liberty Island, as well as the founder of the style Hoshi Ikeda. Raul spent several years in Japan, learning skills and at the same time improving the system for practical purposes. Cuban threw away all the excess, leaving the “killer” techniques. Each movement of “operative karate” matches a specific task to neutralize the enemy. RISO taught to beat in specific vulnerable points, as well as to use in various combat tricks, allowing you to overcome even more powerful enemy. In Cuba even became a popular slogan, “Karate – weapons of the revolution.”

“Experts pointed out that the system of karate developed by Raul RISO and in service with the Cuban special forces, its application is superior to Western counterparts and even traditional Eastern discipline,” wrote major-General of state security Valery Velichko.

Note that such a system could not be created in the Soviet Union, as a trip to Japan as a capitalist country, was not welcomed.

Raul RISO in the USSR

In the Soviet Union, Raul RISO sent along with his disciple Ramiro Carine. Cuban trainers made a splash. During the three months of fees at the stadium “Dynamo” in late 1978 – early 1979 they trained 3 groups of trainers who, in turn, gave operational karate to hundreds and thousands of employees of the Soviet security forces. 15 first disciples Raul RISO has developed a “combat” or “applied” karate is the domestic sample, although the basis was still the same Jyoshinmon school. In the program of military-physical training of employees of state security “operative karate” included with the filing of Yuri Maryasina, the future head of the School Jyoshinmon karate-do Union. Another notable promoter of the system was the martial arts master, Colonel Alexei Alexandrov, who wrote the textbook “Fundamentals of unarmed combat”.

General karate school was an important milestone in the cooperation between the USSR and Cuba. On one of the exams on fighting the KGB was even the brother of Cuban leader Raul Castro. Foreign coaches ceased to come to the Soviet Union in the period of official prohibition of karate, although the Soviet KGB continued to hone his skills. Again Raul RISO visited Moscow in 1988 – he held a seminar on Jyoshinmon for the guards of President Gorbachev of the 9th Directorate of the KGB. PRinfamous Cuban master came to our country after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Raul RISO died in 2011. In memory of the officers of “alpha”, “Vympel” and the GRU teacher-Cuban left as a wise and yet humble man.

Timur Sagdiyev

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