26.07.2022, Brandenburg, Falkenberg: Rauch steigt in einem Wald im Landkreis Elbe-Elster vom Boden auf. Foto: Sebastian Willnow/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Around 260 emergency services are currently fighting the forest fire in southern Brandenburg. The 400 workers announced for Friday were notified too late and were therefore not operational at short notice, said a spokesman for the Elbe-Elster district on Friday morning. You have to see if it needs to be readjusted here. On the B183, an area is also to be burned in a controlled manner so that parts of the flames can be ruled out.

The firefighters are supported by a Bundeswehr armored personnel carrier: it paved paths for the firefighters through the rough terrain and cut aisles so that the flames could no longer spread so quickly. In addition, the Bundeswehr is deployed with seven helicopters for reconnaissance and extinguishing.