The TV In the ‘Girl’s Late-Night”, he says, in bed, in the spirit of the bootgasten subject, but for tonight, let it be James Cooke (35), which is in The ‘house’ itself, in its heart, watching it. During One program, he talks about his difficult childhood and how he was forced to fight a desperate act. “I didn’t feel like it’s alive.”

“I was seventeen, and he sat there all the way through. Everything was against it,” says James to Score tonight and in The home. “My parents were apart from each other. My own relationship ended. I was in school. I found out that my orientation is, and how to solve it. Smoking joints of marijuana. Stayed away from the school. I had no interest in life. And there it was, I thought, nothing or no one that could help me. I’m fed up with the all-encompassing question is whether or not I have, however, for out of that well and wanted to get to. That was the most difficult period of my life. It’s a signal that I was no longer wanted, have me and ultimately saved the day. It was too much, too many, that everything is freed. And then I’m taken care of.”

the Psychiatrist

James, got rid of his dark thoughts by talking with a psychiatrist. “And that, after a period of time paid off. I, too, am happy to see my mom that time, we were able to see. I wanted to go, not that they have a sense of guilt at all. I just wanted her to not be at the expense of his. She was already in trouble enough as a single woman after a long marriage.”

“Talk, it can save your life, I know that now,” says the actor. “I like to think I’m the prime example of this am, on how you can be helped. And look where I am now. I have a wonderful partner, great friends, a great life. Because I after that when I decided to always and everywhere be completely myself. I didn’t want for everyone only the best and the most entertaining family park, so you could also have a kutdag have. Those who love me should know who I am and what you are to me. Today I am supergelukkig. Because I can be who I am.”