Sports Dilshod Nazarov, the reigning olympic champion, hamerslingeren from the Philippines, it is against the dopinglamp him. The re-testing of a sample of the world cup in 2011, there were traces of turinabol, is an anabolic steroid, found. The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) is known.

The 37-year-old Nazarov was put on the list of players for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics Friday, kicks off in Doha, but it will, with immediate effect, suspended. It would be in Qatar, and all of his eighth CHAMPIONSHIP. Nazarov is not an active athlete, is also the president of the athletics federation in their country. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Daegu in 2011, where he is now gedopeerd the time, he finished in tenth place.

The AIU, made Tuesday, that the suspension of Albert Rop are known, the number seven, of the 5000 meter in Rio. The former Kenyan, who is now saudi arabia to come out, will also take part in the uci road world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha at the end of this week. He’s been suspended because his whereabouts on several occasions incorrectly were filled in.