History 16/02/20 “olevska Republic”: the state of Ukrainian nationalists under Hitler

From August 21 to November 15, 1941 on the territory of Ukraine there was “olevska Republic”, the actual Creator of which was the Ukrainian nationalist and leader of “Poliska Sich”* Taras Bulba-Borovets. For the support of the German administration, he promised to help in the fight against Soviet partisans, but disagreed with the Nazis in the “Jewish question”.

the birth of the Republic

in 1940 Taras Bulba-Borovets had illegally crossed the border of the USSR for the organization on the territory of Polissya (Volyn, Zhytomyr, Rivne region) clandestine group of “Free Cossacks”. Before the beginning of the German aggression, the squad has been a failure, but in July 1941, “bulbovtsy” came out of hiding and repeatedly clashed with Soviet police and small groups of retreating soldiers. In early September Bulba-Borovets were suggested to the Germans in exchange for weapons and support to clear the forests and swamps of Polesia from the Soviet encirclement.

the Nazis agreed and a few weeks later the soldiers of “Poliska Sich”* as he called his connection Bulba-Borovets, occupied the territory of Olevsk district, Zhytomyr region, but their influence they spread to neighboring territories and even the part of the Belarusian borderland. In the city of Olevsk efforts Borovets was organized by the Ukrainian government, the two thousand army, police Department and newspaper. The city earned of the company and resumed divine service in the churches.

At the end of August 1941 Borovets sent to reichkommissariat letter with the announcement of “Poliska Sich”* and promised neutrality, but under the condition that the Germans would apply the normal methods of occupation and stop mass repression.

By November 1941, the number of Cossacks has increased to 10 thousand, and the guide 213 security division legalized by Ukrainian units. At the advancing Germans lacked the strength to organize VLAsti, so “bulbovtsy” announced in the villages and towns their power. With “Bandera” army “woodland Sich”* sold in ideological issues, and its main allies in the fight against growing forces of the red partisans was the Belarusian self-defence and Ukrainian nationalists that support the millers.

the Occupation authorities wanted to send a part of the “bulbivtsiv” in Chernihiv oblast, but Borovets ignored the orders and demanded officially to recognize the Republic. Negotiations stalled, and the management of reichkommissariat decided to deal with the Republic in Polissia forests.

the end of the Republic

From the second half of July 1943, the Nazis shot on the territory of Zhytomyr, more than 8 thousand Jews that caused discontent of Bulba-Borovets. The German high command was irritated not so much the existence of the puppet Ukrainian “republics” as the behavior of its chieftain, who not only refused to shoot Jews, but spoke out against the invaders established a “new order”.

To pacify the Ukrainian nationalists from Zhitomir arrives the captain of the SS Gig, which got the order to kill Amateur Bulba-Borovets. After negotiations that lasted from 9 to 16 November 1941, the head of “Poliska Sich”*, disappointed in the German support, announced the dissolution of Olevskaya Republic. Part of it is fighters have disarmed, but many went home with rifles in their hands.

the situation was Exacerbated and denial of Bulba-Borovets provide the Nazis for shooting people of the Jews of Olevsk. In a letter to reichkommissar Ukraine Eric Koch, he wrote, “what about you and your state gang committed this savage act?”. The chieftain warned high-ranking Nazis that he and his people will not allow the Germans to spill the blood of citizens of Ukraine, regardless of their nationality.

In may 1942, the German security service, it became known that Borovets has supported the order of management of the UPA* on April 16, 1942 to begin war against the Nazis, and organized them postancal army to 500 men. Subsequently, the detachment was distinguished by passivity and weak discipline. By the fall of 1943 because of a conflict with “Bandera” “bulbovtsy” were pushed East of Ukraine, where they were defeated by the red partisans. The remnants of the divisions of Borovets were disarmed by the nationalists from UPA* or joined them.

* — banned in Russia organization.

Alexander Brazhnik

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