20.07.2022, USA, Washington: Olena Selenska, Ehefrau des ukrainischen Präsidenten Selenskyj, spricht vor Kongressmitgliedern auf dem Capitol Hill. Foto: Michael Reynolds/EPA Pool/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

During a speech in the Capitol in Washington, the Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska urgently asked the USA for more weapons and specifically for air defense systems. In a speech to congressmen and senators on Wednesday, Zelenska accused Russia of waging a “war of terror” against her country, according to the translator.

During her lecture, in which she showed pictures of murdered Ukrainian children, among other things, she thanked the USA for their support. “While Russia kills, America saves,” Zelenska said. “But unfortunately the war isn’t over, the terror continues.” So she felt compelled to ask for weapons.

“Weapons that are not used to wage a war in a foreign country, but to protect one’s homeland,” said President Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife. “I ask for air defense systems so that rockets don’t kill children in their prams, so rockets don’t destroy children’s rooms and kill whole families.” She appealed to the Americans: “Help us to stop this terror against the Ukrainians.”

Selenska complained that the war was depriving the Ukrainians of normality. “Will my son be able to return to his school in the fall? I don’t know, like millions of mothers in Ukraine. Will my daughter be able to go to university at the beginning of the academic year and have a normal student life? I can not answer that. What should Ukrainian teachers prepare for – to work in classrooms or in bunkers? We would have answers if we had anti-aircraft systems.”

Zelenska is currently visiting the United States, by far Ukraine’s most important arms supplier. On Tuesday she met the First Lady, Jill Biden, for a bilateral meeting. Prior to that, the First Lady and c had received Selenska at the White House.