(Washington) The six people, including five teenagers, found dead Monday at a residence in Oklahoma, in the southern United States, appear to have been shot and killed by a former rape convict who later committed suicide, a Local police said Wednesday.

The array of evidence appears to show that “Jesse McFadden murdered six people and then killed himself,” Okmulgee County Police Chief Joe Prentice told reporters.

“Beyond that, I don’t know what his thought process was, whether he premeditated this, and if so, how long ago,” he added.

Among the victims is Jesse McFadden’s wife, Holly Guess McFadden, 35, and her three children, ages 13 to 17.

Two teenage girls friends of the family, aged 14 and 16, were also killed.

They had come to spend the night at the McFadden residence, reports the local channel Fox 23.

According to Mr. Prentice, all of the victims were found with at least one bullet hole in the head.

The bodies were discovered Monday in Henryetta, a small town in Oklahoma, a rural state in the southern United States.

Janette Mayo, mother of Holly Guess McFadden, said Tuesday that her daughter was married to a “monster.”

“My daughter loved her children and yes, she married the man who killed them, but she was fooled by his charm,” she wrote on Facebook.

Jesse McFadden, 39, was convicted of rape in 2003.

In another case, he was also accused of having possessed images of child pornography and of having attempted to obtain a sexual relationship with a minor. For these facts, he was due to appear in court on Monday, but never showed up, according to media reports.