The federal department of Foreign Affairs and has the emergency telephone number +32 2 501 40 00 open to Belgians living abroad who will be affected by the situation, and the party (Thomas Cook). The best in the federal public service for dinner.

Who is in the country, and, as a customer of Thomas Cook have been affected, you can contact the emergency phone number. “It’s wachtteam of Foreign Affairs, this will be the Belgians, as well as possible, to guide and to help us find a solution to their problems,” according to the federal department, which says the situation is a close follow-up.

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Consumer Test Purchase will open at 9 o’clock, a toll-free number for people who have questions as a result of the problems in the party (Thomas Cook). That number is: 0800 50 450 Speakers and 0800 50 104 for French-speakers.