The hearing in the criminal court for Marengo, on the 24th and the 26th of september will not be accessible to the press and the public. That is, the district court in Amsterdam to be announced. The court must “outsiders” in the process, after the murder of a lawyer Derk Wiersum. He was one of the kroongetuige in the process. “The implications of this event are not yet totally overlooked,” according to the court, in a brief statement.

Marengo revolves around a series of killings, who is in command of the bad guys from getting Ridouan Taghi should be carried out. Including Taghi, and also to help Said Razzouki are sixteen of the defendants are in the business to go.

See also the Suspicious murder of a Dutch lawyer and Wiersum, between 20-and 25-year-old,”

Wiersum, it was Wednesday morning, near his home in Amsterdam-Buitenveldert, on the street, shot to death. The investigation into the murder is underway. The Public Prosecutor’s office earlier this week said that the most likely scenario is that a Wiersum was killed because he was a lawyer of kroongetuige Nabil B. in the Last year, it was B. B.’s innocent brother was killed a short time after it had announced that a deal had been signed with B.

The process that is due to both the gruesome murder under the big, never-before-seen strain. The shy-looking Taghi has the reputation of being the most feared criminal.

as far as is known, it is not clear that a court of competent jurisdiction for similar safety reasons, all court hearings in a process that protects the press and the general public. It is a process that takes place in the secure room of the court at amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. The merits of the case, it is not until the following year.