The cycling of The labour court of Mechelen, belgium judge it on the 26th of november, or the breach of this contract by Wout van Aert on the team, Nick Nuyens has been up to. Rudi Desmet, the law of Nuyens, loved to hear his case, and asked for a compensation of 1.1 million euros provided by the rider. However, according to the defense, mark Of Aert’s contract is indeed “compelling”. Van Aert (see video below): “I hope that the truth will come to light.”

Van Aert broke his contract, which ran until the end of 2019 at the latest, on the 17th of september, 2018. And the runner, his manager Jef Van den Bosch, and their lawyer, Walter Van Steenbrugge called this “compelling reason” in it. Nuyens should be in the cross-Geraardsbergen in september of 2018 and beyond, the people inside the team have put in to make incriminating statements of Wout van Aert.

“Niels Albert was asked to make a false statement about Van Aert,” said Van Steenbrugge, in his case. “And Albert was asked to say that there’s not much to work with was Van Aert, and in return, he had his period of notice is not addressed. But Albert refused.”

That’s Nick Nuyens, and his business partner, Chris ‘ Company, and their attorney, Rudi New, always been denied. Are going to assume that it’s a breach of contract is controlled by the fact that Aert is in 2019 at the latest for the Netherlands: Jumbo-Visma squad wild quotes.In mid-november of last year, it was Wout van Aert, the UCI is indeed a license to use it in 2019 for the Jumbo-Visma-to-drive. He was a very successful year with victory in the Critérium du Dauphiné and the Tour de France. Van Aert recovering from a heavy crash in the final time trial of the Tour in Pau.

the Lawyer Nuyens: “It’s the only one coming in, it is not proven to be children’s story”

Judge of the labour court that the breach of contract is not justified, it requires that Nick Nuyens with a 1.1 million euro. The ruling follows on the 26th of november.