Nutritionists explained why yogurt helps lose weight and is it possible to drink on the night

you can’t just go and drink a glass of buttermilk. We realized that when asked only a few questions to the nutritionists. But it’s not all that lurks behind the label of many favorite product. Is it useful as all heap praise on him than the fat-free yogurt worse than usual, why don’t you lose weight on a kefir diet and can I drink kefir for the night?

Kefir is a calcium and vitamins?

In yogurt have protein, vitamin a (increases the elasticity of the skin and hair), C (strengthen the immune system and health), beta-carotene, the amino acid tryptophan (resistance to stress), a whole set of b vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium (strengthen bones and prevent the development of senile brittle bones) and others.