To the best of the web, A new week is dawning, and we’re going to celebrate with a maandagpuzzel. Turn off your brain and have a blast with this breinbreker: you can discover what is the ultimate question you need to ask in order to find the right way?

You are an explorer, on a very special island. On the island of two cultures: and a people who always tell the truth, and the people that will always be true. At a certain point you’ll come across during your journey, a fork in the path. You know, that’s one of the ways to a safe destination, and the other will lead to certain doom.

the corridor To a strange man. He was speaking in a different language: one can, you understand, but you need to understand it is not either of what he has to say. The questions they ask him, he answers each time, “boy” or “da da da da da”. You have reason to suspect that he is a “yes” or “no”, mean it, but don’t know what the word means. You just don’t know if he always tells the truth or always lies.
See also you maandagpuzzel at all? Please fill out the sign in

how you can a man ask for but to know the way to a safer and more secure places to lead?