It doesn’t just stop at words: after Snezana Michaelis’ Gewobag announced in the Spandau newsletter here in March that it would use video cameras against the fire devils from the Blasewitzer Ring, the housing construction company got serious in the 20,000-people district. The tender to the companies has been published these days, please: here is the link. The Tagesspiegel newsletter for Berlin-Spandau was the first to report on this.

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What’s in the papers? “The construction project involves the installation of a subsequent video surveillance system in existing buildings inhabited in the entrance and basement areas as well as the corridors and stairwells,” says the requirements, with which IT companies are now being sought.

It should start during the summer holidays: in August 2022. The new cameras will also be installed by then. The year 2026 is named as the end of the project (i.e. the end of the contract of the “framework agreement” is meant, the installation itself is of course faster and only takes a few weeks).

The aim is a “comprehensible documentation of the movements of people within the entrances and exits as well as the basement, corridor and stair areas in order to be able to record damage, destruction, vandalism or other criminal measures caused by them.” This is what the tender says .

In the spring, according to information from the Spandau newsletter, there was talk of a good 50 cameras in the House of Representatives, which are to be installed in the residential buildings – in coordination with the State Criminal Police Office. The project is politically controversial (data protection), but is supported by the police, whose special investigation group must finally stop the perpetrators.

As readers of the Spandau newsletter report on site, the first cameras were already installed in a few house entrances in spring in order to film the perpetrators there or at least to deter them. So now the big second momentum.

The police are targeting a youth gang. Young people from other parts of the city should also travel to Staaken with a ‘craving for action’, Spandau youth councilor Oliver Gellert, Greens, reported in the Spandau newsletter. And police circles report that one street is particularly conspicuous.

[“If you like your neighborhood, don’t set it on fire”: That’s what the youth councilor says about fire and frustration in the neighborhood Heerstraße Nord – here in the Tagesspiegel.

Only four weeks ago, youth councilor Gellert also reported in the Spandau newsletter about the first progress in youth work: A property on the Blasewitzer Ring is being discussed as a new youth club. The money issue is also settled. “It’s good that we get 300,000 euros from the state budget, 100,000 euros this year, then 200,000 euros the following year. We need this money and have to stabilize it, so we will also need it after 2023,” said Gellert in the Spandau newsletter. “We are also looking at a property on the Blasewitzer Ring,” the youth councilor tells me. “There used to be a youth project in there, then there was an accident, now the property on Blasewitzer Ring is empty.”

What goes in: foosball machine and couch? No, wrong thinking, said Gellert to the Spandau newsletter. “Young people should decide that, not us adults. They already know very well what they really need. They also hold the key, this is their room.” Of course, they are accompanied by social workers, but those who design their room will also take care of it and value it. It should start in 2023.

[Much more than just security: The 10-point plan to save the Berlin housing estate Heerstraße-Nord – here in the Tagesspiegel. ]

The residents are desperate, worried about their families, suffering from the constant stress and destroyed technology. Just two weeks ago, the Spandau newsletter reported on the frustration on Magistratsweg, where an elevator has been broken for six months after a fire in the high-rise: “100 apartments, 1 trouble: our elevator has been broken for six months” – here’s the story in the Tagesspiegel .

And here I am listing the topics that you will find in the current issue of the Spandau newsletter. I look forward to you as a reader!

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– “The city hall congratulated my dead mother”: Newsletter reader outraged – the city council explains how the error came about

– News about the 300 million construction site: In the newsletter, the investor talks about the postal wasteland between Arcaden and Havel and the chestnut trees on the Havel cycle path

– “Zank am Gartenzaun”: Interview with an arbitrator in the newsletter about typical disputes

– AfD city council also fails for the 9th time

– Jewish theater ship “MS Goldberg” leaves Spandau and moves to…

– News from the water companies on water prices and waterworks in Spandau

– Construction site at the citadel: It starts on the earth wall

– Laying of a stumbling block for a department store family in Spandau

– Siemensbahn: Color photos are urgently needed

– Lots of neighborhood sports, lots of cultural tips

– And as the last message a happy ending from the town hall

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