Heist-op-Den-Berg, Belgian children’s Cancer support fund (BKKS) is a text-action and have started for the little Cars to Need from Booischot. He is 17 months old and has a malignant tumor on his adrenal gland: neuroblastoma. A new immunotherapy, however, 182.000 euros. “We gathered with the other actions, all of 51.000 euros, any help is welcome,” said mom Annick Williams.

after just a few days, it was 1.9 million euro were collected, which is necessary for the drug and for the nine-month-old baby’s Movements, from a google translation is available. That success brought with it a Belgian children’s Cancer support fund may also, for Cars of a similar action. “We had earlier in the week, the question of whether such an action is a good idea, and, of course, we immediately agreed to this. Also send a few people to a text message: every bit helps,” says Williams.

See also a fundraising campaign through Facebook to get an expensive therapy, Mathis (17 months) to pay

“I don’t know what we can expect to see. Maybe it is the people, after their support to the Pia sick and tired with a similar action to face? Or, perhaps, to realize many are just how to make a small gesture can make a big difference? It is at this point difficult to assess. Due to others actions – using BKKS via Facebook – it was all of 51.000 euros were collected. We are also working with a wafeltjesverkoop, by family and friends.”

Mathis is a 17-month-old, but has already had eight chemotherapy and fourteen radiation treatments, surgery and a stem cell transplant as a behind-the-back. The reimbursement of the drug and that he would be able to help you, you must have the appropriate committee to be studied. “If it is eventually still a reimbursement, the funds raised through the BKKS, and anyway, another child is diagnosed with cancer. There are, unfortunately, many others who have financial aid will be able to use it.”