Novosibirsk pharmaceutical company RENEWAL expands production

the Products of the Novosibirsk pharmaceutical companies RENEWAL (PFK Obnovlenie) without exaggeration can be found in every medicine Cabinet in the country. One of the principles of the company is the development, ensure the universal availability and continuous improvement of the quality most in demand by the population of the medicines. All drugs RENEWAL are made according to international standards of good manufacturing practice and quality control, therefore special attention is paid to the technical equipment of laboratories.

When the end of 2019 at PFK Obnovlenie there is a need in the acquisition of sophisticated laboratory equipment, the company turned to the leader of the leasing market of industrial equipment — leasing company “Siemens Finance”. In the framework of cooperation the enterprise has been supplied: liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, dissolution tester and hydrogen generator — all 2019 model year.

“Thanks, “Siemens Finance” we were able to rapidly acquire and deliver on the company technically complex equipment necessary for the production of medicines. In the leasing company the decision on the project was accepted very quickly and with little documents. In addition, the “Siemens Finance” specializiruetsya on the leasing of the equipment: here there are competent people who are always ready to provide technical support for the project,” — said Vladimir Grechkin, Executive Director of the pharmaceutical company RENEWAL (PFK Obnovlenie).