Not to help the wounded and other rules of survival in war

Another 28/01/20 Not to help the wounded and other rules of survival in war

the bullets fly, shells explode, bombs fall, the enemy soldiers desperately to resist in such a situation, the soldier needs to survive. The army of the USSR periodically engaged in military activity in different countries, the conditions are everywhere different, but there are some General rules that increases a person’s chances to get home unharmed. Experienced soldiers know them well.

Always be prepared

Editor-compiler of the anthology “Small war. Organization and tactics of fighting in small units” (Minsk, 2000), the Belarusian historian and publicist Anatoli Efimovich Taras writes: “the War requires a special art to always be well ready for action, to be organized and always on the battlefield and in the rear — in short, anywhere you need to act and beat the enemy. Otherwise, confusion, lack of coordination, slowness in time and space will bring a small war there, putting its members under the ax of the enemy.”
In General, soldier should be ready to start fighting any minute.

Train your instant reaction

the Situation in war is changing very rapidly. And the soldier must instantly respond to every sound, flash, flashed the barrel of the machine. Actions should be brought to automatism. A bullet whizzing sharply fall in place, and if there is cover (wall, tree, rock, car, etc), then jump and hide behind him.
Heard a loud Bang somewhere in the distance — quickly put on a gas mask, because a number could explode a chemical bomb. A flash of bright light in the sky, you should immediately lie down, cover any exposed areas of the body and wait for blast wave to pass by.
do Not freeze, rooted to the spot, seeing directed at you, the barrel of a firearm, in such a situation it is necessary, without delay, to attack the enemy.

Shoot at every rustle

Lieutenant Colonel Aleksey Andreevich Potapov has long been instrOctomom in special forces. He shared his personal combat experience in the article “Fight in the darkness of the forest” (the magazine “Spetsnaz”, No. 1-3, 1997). The author advises to shoot literally every suspicious rustle when patrolling an unfamiliar area or while combing the forest, where they can hide enemies.
According to A. A. Potapova, this tactic proved to be very effective.

Run in zigzags

On open terrain during the battle, you need to run in zigzags and firing at the enemy. Indiscriminate firing and chaotic movement making it very difficult for enemy to conduct aimed fire.
If on the battlefield have any shelter, they should be used for protection, moving between short dashes.

pointing weapons at fellow

weapons of war should never be directed at her. Even as a joke. The barrel can look up or down, if the soldier is not aiming at the enemy. One careless movement (stumbled, tripped) and the finger will come off, while pressing the trigger. Such accidents and war, and in peacetime, military units happen more often than you can imagine.
the result — one soldier is dead and a second judge.

Kill from

as soon As he had the opportunity to kill the enemy soldier or officer, act immediately. Don’t explain anything, don’t believe a raised hand, it could be a clever Ruse. Remember: the enemy will not hesitate to destroy you for the sake of his own life.

do Not respond to the cries of the wounded

Analyst Alexander Buryak has collected the experience of many veterans of military conflicts in his book “the Art of survival”, published in 2015. He advises to keep in the war of the iron calm.
according to A. V. Buryak, favorite tactic of the sniper shot one soldier in the leg and planned to kill anyone who tries to help a wounded comrade to carry him from the battlefield. So just do not respond to the cries of a colleague suffering from pain and bleeding. He still is not a tenant, CHtipper will be wounded in any way.

the First house is a grenade

Entering the building or room where I was hiding enemies, it is necessary to exercise maximum caution. Opponents could all be mine, leave cunning traps, to hide in some corner with a gun. Therefore, the first in any house should enter grenade, preferably two. And only then soldiers.

keep your feet

Colonel Sergey Viktorovich Balenko wrote “Textbook of survival of the GRU special forces. Experience elite special forces” (Moscow, 2013, 8th edition). In this book, the author summed up the experience of their colleagues and their own knowledge. He argues that the most vulnerable part of the soldier’s body and legs. They should especially be protected. Shoes should be worn a size larger. To take care of her, regularly lubricated with a special cream, to make minor repairs soles, if she moved away.
In a situation when socks came into disrepair, and there are no spares, you can use foot bindings that need to know how to reel and be sure to frequently change. When a soldier must be an extra pair of clean dry footcloths.

Search the prisoner

If you need to escort a captured enemy, he thoroughly frisk him from head to toe. The other soldiers would miss something. Otherwise you can run into hidden in the sole of the blade at the wrong time.

Often move

in Any case, not a long time to stay in one place. During the battle, we must constantly be on the move. Even if you lay down after a shot, then immediately crawled away from the place where you fell, because that’s where to aim the enemy soldiers.

Let them go

During the battle, to surround the enemy is only at considerable numerical superiority, at least twice. Then you can kill or capture soldiers and officers. If there is no clear assurance of an easy victory, the skirmish in hand-to-hand battle to turn not worth it. Experienced soldiers always give to leave to representatives of the enemy side, not to turn fight in a senselessing a meat grinder.
If the numerical and firepower advantage on the opponent’s side, it is not necessary to wait, when you get “ticks”, don’t let the surround you, break to your.

Sapper shovel – best friend of a soldier

In a battle you can’t survive without the entrenching tool. If the further movement of the zigzag, or short dashes from cover to cover is impossible, it is necessary to dig in on the position. Soldiers have to dig.
in addition, sapper shovel can be useful in melee. This is a great tool for applying chopping blows.

Bay with a knife or bayonet in the belly,

Any piercing melee weapon can firmly be stuck in the ribs of an enemy soldier. In order not to lose its fighting Arsenal, in melee you have to beat the opponent in the stomach. Such attacks are preferable, they are almost always fatal.

don’t go crowd

Soldiers of any unit in the territory of hostilities, during the movement must spread out on the ground, otherwise these people will represent a very convenient target.

Not separated from team

While standing or walking friendly company should not fall into the other extreme experienced soldiers is also not recommended. Loner, estranged from his unit at a decent distance – a convenient target for enemy saboteurs, who plans to capture the “language”.

take Care of your eardrums

Loud explosions of bombs and shells can easily stun a person. Therefore, you should cover your ears with your hands and mouth to hold, on the contrary, open, it really will save eardrums.

the Funnel – not the best shelter

don’t believe the saying that the projectile does not hit twice in the same place. Some inexperienced fighters hope to survive the attack of enemy artillery in the funnel of a shell exploded, which is a mistake. But someone realized it too late.

Think of where to stay on vacation

Before I take up any place to take a breath, pay attention to the surrounding Obstthe command. There are no nearby ammunition that can explode at any moment. If you’re not on the object that the enemy will try to bomb.

Stay away from intelligence

One of the most dangerous military professions – scout. It can kill our own and others’. Besides, knowledge of official and military secrets are very dangerous, because native command easily takes the decision on liquidation of the scouts for the sake of valuable information. And the enemies will be tortured to death, hoping to learn all that they need.
Therefore it is not called if the commander is looking for volunteers for the reconnaissance-sabotage tasks, will be more whole.

Understand that hiding officers

Sometimes the supervisors are hiding from their subordinates important information that would undermine the morale of soldiers. For example, on the numerical superiority of the enemy, so “be careful”. Try to find out what back officers, if there are any omissions and doubts.

Not to have enemies among his

In battle, when bullets whistled right and left, to get rid of very easily. The murder just get away with it, because it will be written off to the enemy. We must use caution when communicating with co-workers, so none of them wanted to shoot a personal grudge under the guise.
And if its still got some of the enemy, in battle, stay behind him to not get shot in the back.

Observe hygiene

In the war many soldiers die not from bullets and shells, and from infectious diseases, frostbite, starvation, or accidents. You need to take care of your health, be careful to follow all the possible hygiene measures. Health problems can be an indirect cause of death of the soldier. The sick person is not able to run fast, literally dodging whizzing bullets.
to Bathe and change underwear at every opportunity. Use to drink only disinfected water. And neck it is better to wrap the shawl of soft tissue below the skin appeared scuffs from strict collar of the military uniform.

check All

no One is immune from the bizarre accidents, especially in the war. Therefore, should be vigilant. The road on which we drove yesterday tanks, today may be mined. In a quiet grove sometimes waiting for an ambush, and the cartridges sometimes end in the most crucial moment of the battle.
Experienced soldiers constantly checks his weapons, storing ammunition, “the eyeballs”, carefully inspected the terrain.

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