No, SC Freiburg doesn’t want to be best buddy with RB Leipzig. And that’s his damn right. Before the cup final next Saturday, it’s about common fan articles, for example fan scarves, on which the logos of the two clubs are shown. RB Leipzig would have no problem with that, but Baden would.

One could say that in times like these, any display of friendly ties is initially good. The only thing is: SC Freiburg and RB Leipzig are now opponents on the pitch. For both, winning the DFB Cup would be the greatest success in the club’s history. There are opponents on the pitch, not friends. It’s not much different off the field either.

SC Freiburg has been a comparatively small club for decades, working diligently with regional sponsors. Whose long-time coach Christian Streich is known for his socially critical statements and whose players sometimes come to training by bike.

On the other hand, there is RB Leipzig, a club that a billionaire from Austria, who has become conspicuous for his right-wing populist statements, has brought to the top in a very short time.

SC Freiburg and RB Leipzig could hardly be further apart on the club philosophy continuum. In terms of taste, the two first division clubs are about as close as their sponsors (or owners), Schwarzwaldmilch and Red Bull. There are no similarities in this duel, which is why they shouldn’t be demonstrated.