Nordic biathlon grit his teeth from the victory Loginova

Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov won the sprint race at 10 km at the world Cup in the Italian Antholz. He covered the distance in 22 minutes and 48 seconds, not allowing misses on the shooting range.

Alexander Loginov became the first Russian 12 years old, who triumphed in the men’s individual race at the world Championships! Last time it was done Maxim Chudov already back in 2008. Also in the sprint.

Victory Loginova was interrupted by the unfortunate for the Russian biathletes series of 28 races without a medal considering the world Cup.

Previous gold medal at the world Championships, the Russians won in the men’s relay in 2017. Second place in the sprint won by Frenchman Fillon maillet, the third was his compatriot the legendary Martin Fourcade.

However, some of the athletes from the other countries reacted ambiguously to win Loginova. For example, the Swede Samuelsson, known for his caustic comments towards the Russians, said to congratulate Alexander is not going.

“No, there is no chance that I’m going to congratulate him. I have nothing to say to him. What he here speaks, is just a formality. I have nothing against the Russian biathlon, I am against athletes who dope and then come back to the sport and become world Champions. I think that the system is not working properly,” said Samuelsson.

moreover, distinguished one from the Norwegian brothers of be. Johannes in an interview after the race also made unflattering comments about the success of Loginov. It is unlikely that such a phrase paints the titled biathlete. But in any case, despite all such attacks, Alexander Loginov has brought the joy of all fans.

And such a victory was a real breath of air for the Russian biathlon in the current long-standing crisis.