Almost as catchy as the infection: “Share cocks not pox!” says a digital poster from the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lageso), and further: “Know the risks of MPX” (in English: “Share cocks, not pox Know the risks of monkeypox.”) The Lageso uses it to advertise on social media and websites. Just for what?

The fact that there is the infectious disease monkeypox and that it is spreading particularly in Berlin should have escaped the notice of very few. Sure, education about how to behave in the event of an infection or how to protect yourself from one does not hurt.

You then have to go to the Lageso website, where two things are recommended for protection: First, vaccination against monkeypox – only that there is not enough vaccine in Berlin. 8,000 doses are ready after the start of the vaccination campaign had been delayed for a long time. However, the demand is much greater.

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The Aidshilfe writes that it is often difficult to get an appointment. Practices that have received vaccines report hundreds of emails a day requesting appointments. The mostly “harmless” infection can cause severe courses – people with HIV are apparently particularly at risk. It goes without saying that these should be given priority when it comes to vaccination.

The second Lageso tip for everyone who does not get a vaccination at first is therefore very pragmatic: reduce the number of sex partners. Sure, logical. Perhaps Berlin should rather put money into the vaccination campaign than into embarrassing advertising campaigns.